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Special step tennis culture shoes

2018-03-18 06:24:31

Xstep classic tennis culture shoes shoe head using high quality microfiber synthetic leather + synthetic leather village quality, exquisite car line technology perfect stable shoe head, wear resistant, with super stability, effectively protect your feet. Integrate features perfectly fit foot design, fully wrap the sole of the foot, with super support, will not make the foot surface pressure, more effective protection of the feet, improve wearing flexibility, and further ensure wearing comfort. Top quality micro-elastic shoelaces, perfect match with the shoe body, the tightness of the micro-elastic, completely fit the foot, can be accurately adjusted to ensure the perfect integration of the shoe and the foot, the movement does not shift or fall off. The shoe body adopts fashion splicing technology, more integrated into the fine car line process, effectively improve the wearing stability, three-dimensional consolidation of the upper, safer and more durable, super three-dimensional beauty, more dynamic temperament. High temperature hot stamping technology, microfiber synthetic leather combined with classic LOGO, brand guarantee, quality display, let you buy peace of mind, wear peace of mind. The shoes are made of top woven fabric design, filled with 5MM fine advanced foam, moisture absorption, warm and comfortable, effectively maintain a constant temperature inside the shoes, and isolate the cold outside. With soybean fiber green insoles, skin friendly and comfortable, strong sweat absorption, with good antibacterial and antibacterial functions, will be considerate into every detail of the shoes.