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Station temporary ID card how to do?

2018-03-26 06:24:37

There are a lot of people accidentally lost ID card, when the special need for ID card, especially at the station, most people do not know what to do, the following content hope to help you.


Passengers can purchase tickets, refund transit visas and check in with their temporary ID cards. Note that the temporary ID must be made by the buyer himself, not by relatives.


Find the certification window. General railway stations will open a separate card window in the ticket hall, and some stations will also be set up outside the ticket hall. If you can't find it, ask the station staff.


Give your name and ID number at the window, and the staff will print your temporary ID card and stamp it after confirmation. One-inch photos will be required (which is within the rules), so it's best to bring two one-inch photos before you go out. It doesn't matter if you don't have it with you, stations that ask for photos generally have a self-photography system so you can take photos on the spot. The cost of taking photos is around 20 yuan.


The railway station for temporary ID card, if there is no queue or fewer people in the queue, and you can successfully report identity information, generally a few minutes to do it.


The temporary ID card must be taken after the ticket can enter the station, the ticket can not be taken in the self-service ticket machine to go to the window, when you take the order number to show her you on, if you have a ticket but forget to bring the ID card that you can directly take the temporary ID card and ticket into the station


The use period of the temporary ID certificate at the railway station: it is valid only for the train on which the ticket is purchased on the day of restriction (the validity period is 1 day), and it is only used for ticket purchase, verification, ticket inspection and ticket refund. No longer afraid to forget your ID card.


The boat is more convenient, you can not show the relevant documents, but you need vouchers, buy tickets online, go to the manual place to take out, take the ticket into the station can show their identity card.

Matters needing attention

The ID card is very important to us and we must keep it properly.


Once your ID card is lost, report it immediately.