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Stone Age M How to do Family blessing to get family contributions

2018-04-09 14:24:40

After joining the family, Stone Age M can perform the family blessing task, through which family contributions can be obtained. This article describes how to do the task of family blessing in Stone Age M.


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Click the family icon in the bottom right corner to log in to the game


In the Family screen, click Family Blessing


Pop up the family blessing dialog box, you can see that the blessing is divided into three kinds, the first time you can choose free, the second time you need to consume stone coins, the third time you need to consume locked diamonds. Select Free and click the Blessing button


After the blessing is successful, you can get 60 family contributions, click X to close the blessing window


In the family list, you can see that the family blessing has been completed once. You can perform a maximum of 3 family blessings per day. Click X to close the family window.

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