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Study application on ten major related departments

2018-05-15 03:12:34

(The following content is mainly aimed at applying for the master's degree program of the United States university, the copyright of this article belongs to the "World Bi Union study Abroad" all, if reproduced, please indicate the source.) Author: Gong Xiaoran, Zhang Yuhao 1, [master and doctor] to apply abroad, the first question to think about is: apply for a master or a doctor? graduate programs in American universities, including master's and doctoral programs, can be basically divided into two types: research-oriented and work-oriented. The former aims to train professors in academia and researchers in industry, while the latter aims to train students to be able to work globally in a certain industry. its


Dr. Chung (Ph.D.


The project is research-oriented, most of them include strict knowledge accumulation and scientific research training, the time depends on different majors, within the range of 5 to 10 years, the vast majority of them are about 5 years. The training of doctoral students benefits well


The ability of logical thinking and problem solving is not only active in academia and industry, but also has many opportunities in the fields of consulting, finance and management. master program


There are two types of research oriented and work oriented, of which the vast majority of job-oriented masters, like the well-known Master of Finance (MSF), Master of Financial Engineering (MFE) are job-oriented masters.


Time ranges from 1 to 2 years. Many of the students are able to find jobs in the United States or return to Asia for better opportunities. At the same time, there are some master's programs in science and engineering that are research-oriented and focus on the future


Some preparation for the Ph.D. Program, MIT mechanical engineering, transportation, etc., this research-oriented master's degree is generally followed by a PhD. 2, [GPA, GRE, TOEFL, scientific research, internship, recommendation letters, extracurricular activities] (the importance of various factors in the application) to solve the first question, formally prepare for the application, you naturally have to ask, what is the most important for the application? 1)


For applications for research-oriented programs, the basic order of importance of each factor is: [Letter of recommendation > Scientific research >=GPA> GRE meeting basic requirements &


TOEFL> Extracurricular Activities. The research oriented internship experience can be regarded as scientific research experience; Non-research internships are generally not particularly useful for applications to academically oriented programs. Also, also


There are many factors that can have a decisive impact on a research-oriented application, such as interviews, academic networking, and so on, which are analyzed in detail in GGU's training courses. 2) For applications to job-oriented programs, the list of factors is complicated: letters of recommendation, research, internships, GPA, and extracurricular activities can all be important, which will be explored in detail in the GGU class. Applications for job-oriented projects require a comprehensive analysis based on their background and the characteristics of the project to be applied for. 3, [IELTS and TOEFL, GRE and GMAT] prepare for the application, starting with the English test. What should we test? Ielts and TOEFL focus on language skills, which are used to demonstrate international students' language communication ability. The GRE and GMAT, which focus on logical thinking, can be regarded as graduate entrance exams, which are used as a reference for academic ability, not only for international students, but also for students in the United States. If applying to American universities, we recommend that applicants take the TOEFL test because many programs do not accept IELTS scores. If applying to a business school program, both the GMAT and GRE are accepted; But if you apply to a program outside of business school, generally only the GRE is accepted. Therefore, GRE scores are all-inclusive, and basically all projects are accepted; For students who are applying for a mix of business school and non-business school programs, we strongly recommend taking the GRE and only the GRE. 4, [comprehensive platoon and special platoon] began to apply, the first thing to do, the most important is to choose a school. In the process of choosing a school, you must struggle, do I need to look at the overall ranking of the school or the professional ranking of the school program? For research-oriented projects, the professional ranking of the school project is the reflection of the level of professors, equipment and research strength of the project in the whole field. Therefore, applications for research-oriented projects should be based on specialization. right


For job-oriented programs, the program's professional ranking is important, but so is the school's overall reputation, location, and alumni network (generally reflected in the school's overall ranking). Especially for


For students who are likely to change fields in the future, or prepare to return to work in Asia, the overall ranking of the school is crucial. So, in many cases, applying for a job-oriented master's program is more important to us


The overall ranking of the school. 5, [Niu push and weak push] See that the first important thing to apply for scientific research projects is the cattle recommendation letter, you naturally have to ask, what is "Niu push"? The cow


Push refers to the letter of recommendation that plays a key role in promoting the application; In contrast, a weak recommendation is a letter of recommendation that does not decisively help the application. To judge whether a letter of recommendation is a cow push, mainly look at the following three points: 1) The recommender is


Reputation and standing in the industry; 2) The degree to which your referees praise you; 3) The specificity of the examples used by the referrer in the process of praising you. The above three points are important, but "this matter is not always complete", we often very


It's hard to find three letters of recommendation that meet all three. This involves the strategy of recommendation letter selection, which we will analyze in detail in the GGU class. If one of the referees we choose does not meet the above first


Point (not Professor Daniel or senior enterprise executives), then we must make this letter of recommendation better reflect the latter two requirements. 6, [cow articles and water articles] to apply for top research-oriented projects, academic articles or conference reports are greatly added. However, among the scientific research articles, is it better to have one or two cow articles or more water articles? The first


First, what is a cow article? Bull articles are articles published as first authors in top journals in the field. In the case of organic chemistry, cow articles are published in the top journals in the field (e.g. Angewandte)


Chemie; Articles with an impact factor equal to approximately 10) and a first or second author name, and articles published in top-tier journals (


Such as J.Org.Chem; The impact factor is approximately equal to 5) on the first author's article. The rest of the articles can be classified as water articles. During the application process for specific research-oriented degrees, Niu Wenwen may


To demonstrate your academic research ability, which greatly enhances your application. Generally speaking, one cow article is more effective than four water articles. But don't forget that even a water article is far better than no article at all. 7, [Work experience and internship] Let's talk about the application for a job-oriented program. The first question is do you need work experience to apply for such a program? First, let's make a distinction between work experience and internship experience. Work experience refers to the full-time work experience after graduation, while internship experience generally refers to the part-time work in the internship unit during the undergraduate or postgraduate period (including winter and summer internships). beauty


Many job-oriented programs at Chinese universities do not require prior work or internship experience. However, some programs do require prior work experience, such as the MBA program, which is generally required before admission


Must have more than 2 years of working experience; There are also some programs that require applicants to have no longer work experience, such as the M.S. in the University of Virginia


Commerce requires no more than 12 months between undergraduate graduation and admission to the master's program. Applicants with more than one year of work experience are not eligible to apply for this program. So, work experience


The need for and internship experience varies from program to program, and for most programs, a certain amount of work and internship experience is helpful. 8. [Cattle Internship and Water Internship] A cattle internship is essential to apply for top job-oriented programs. What kind of internship qualifies as an internship? The cow


Internship is not based on the reputation of the internship unit as the only evaluation criterion


name) internship often has the role of bonus points, but what is more important is the degree of correlation between the specific things you do in the internship and the application direction, the improvement you get in the internship, and the improvement of your understanding of this industry and field


Attitude towards setbacks and difficulties, display of interpersonal skills, teamwork skills, leadership, responsibility, etc. To take an extreme example, you can do a "generalist" internship in a small startup


You're in a big "screw" type internship "cow" quite a bit. 9. Next, let's talk about the result of the application. Among the applications, the best result is that you can be admitted, but this admission also has offer and AD points, what are they? Offer


And AD(Admission) are two outcomes of being admitted. For the distinction between the two, different applicants have different understandings; For GGUers, we think: offer means not only getting


The chance of admission to the program, as well as receiving a full scholarship (at least to cover the full cost of tuition); AD is the opportunity to be accepted into a program without any scholarship or a scholarship that is not sufficient to cover tuition


Expenses. Generally speaking, the same for admitted students, academically oriented programs will give more offers, while many job-oriented programs only send AD. 10. Modesty and confidence. Finally, let's talk about the mentality of the application, which is actually a very important issue. the


Bi Meng always stresses to its students


"Humble and confident." Modesty and confidence are reflected in all aspects of the application. When choosing a school, it is necessary to be modest and keep a sufficient guarantee project to be foolproof; At the same time, also need to maintain confidence, not much




name of the cow school, after a rational evaluation, as long as reliable, they have confidence to win. "Modesty and confidence", so that the World Bi Union every year has a considerable number of ordinary background of "non-cattle", but also to create the top


The cow school record. In general, application is not only a process of technical operation, but also a hard-won journey of life experience. On this journey, you will learn how to see yourself more clearly


Learn how to find the balance of expectation and satisfaction more wisely, learn how to accept success and failure more comfortably. On this journey, you must be accompanied by sweat, tears, surprises and relief. So what are we waiting for?


Let us lead you and accompany you on this exciting journey of life, and enjoy the unique scenery that you will never forget!