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Successful people arm themselves with: [1] The beauty of listening

2018-03-21 11:12:19

When we were in school, the teachers taught us to read and write, but they didn't teach us how to listen


A patient, will be good at insight


Of all the ways of communication, "listening" is often less favored, because listening is the most passive in people's eyes, the most seems to be a silent and unaware person. People tend to look down on listening. But be aware that listening is an art, the quietest and most effective of all. So, don't underestimate "listening." Do not underestimate "listen", underestimate "listen" people do not know that King Zhuang of Chu can have "no sound, striking; The repentance of not flying, flying into the sky, is because he is good at listening, and finally can be amazing to do the spring and Autumn overlord; However, Duke Mu of Qin struggled to manage and could not do anything about the fate of the overlord, because he would not listen; And Liu Bang will be Emperor Wudi is precisely because he is good at listening, like to listen to the good opinions of others, other people's good ideas have been attributed to, will have their own essence of thought, such a person can not become king, I am afraid no one can ascend the throne. Modern, the world's richest man Bill Gates, he has always thought that he has contributed a lot in software, is a lot of people have solved the employment problem, so he has not been in favor of donating to charity, her mother how to persuade him useless, later his mother died, to his mother died he did not listen to his mother's advice. He went to Africa, his wife also advised him to become the richest man to help others, he finally listened, he understood the difficulties of the poor at this time, he regretted that her mother repeatedly advised him until his death did not listen to her advice, let his mother have regrets and left the world.


So, whether you're a leader or not, you need to start listening now. Even if you are not a leader, only if you are good at listening, you will be a leader one day. Some of the most accomplished people are also the best listeners. I remember a manager who always said to his subordinates: The subordinates who are good at giving opinions are good at being leaders. In fact, he knows nothing about sales. Whenever someone came up to him and asked for his advice on how to solve a problem, he would steer clear because he knew nothing about business. But he is a very good and good listener. So whenever a salesperson asks him a question, he always replies, "What do you think should be done?" So the salesman proposes his own solution, he agrees, and the salesman leaves satisfied. The sales staff found the manager's handling of the problem strange. However, I learned from this manager that I need to be good at and know how to listen to others - this valuable skill. From then on I actively followed suit. Not long ago, a friend of mine came to ask me a question about her marriage. She asked me whether she should divorce her husband. She and her husband met when they were in junior high school, they were in the same class, they did not fall in love at that time, until they entered the same university, so they fell in love and got married. That's what she told me. I just met her at work. I don't know her husband. So it's hard to help her. I listened to her and nodded and said, 'What do you think you should do?'" I asked her several times, and each time she told me what to do. The next day, I received a box of stuffed chocolates with a thank-you note for my good idea. A year later, a year after her family moved, she wrote to tell me that she was now living happily and thanked me for giving her the idea that she had made the right choice.


I ran into a lot of questions. But in fact, many problems do not need me to propose solutions, as long as I patiently listen to the opinions of people who have complaints, I can solve most problems. As long as I listen to the client long enough, the client usually comes up with an appropriate solution. "Listening" is the art, but the first principle of this art is: listen attentively to what others have to say. The Chinese always use a very typical story about learning to play chess. Two people go to learn chess at the same time, one person listens attentively to the essence of the teacher's chess, but the other person is listening to chess on the surface, and the heart is really thinking about how the geese in the sky don't fall down. It can be imagined that good listeners, learn chess success, become a generation of masters; Not good listeners, nothing, can not get geese, but also can not get the essence of chess. In the same way, the listener should learn to pay attention in the communication of life. So, once someone walks into my room and talks to me, I don't let anything distract me. When talking in a noisy room, I try to make the other person feel as if we were alone. I'll eliminate all distractions. I would look the other way, even if a thug walked into the room. I once had lunch with a sales manager. Whenever a beautiful waitress walked past our table, he always looked at them as they walked out of the restaurant. I feel very angry about it. Therefore, once a person's mind is distracted, it is difficult to hear others, if in any important occasion, you may lose an opportunity or a popularity.