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Surf city -

2018-03-27 14:24:05

The vast mountainous area of the city, fertile land, is our country's rare tropical crop suitable area, efficient agricultural development zone. It is known as the famous hometown of China, the hometown of coffee, the hometown of betel nut, the hometown of calligraphy, the hometown of overseas Chinese, the paradise of food, the surfing capital of China and so on.


Convenient transportation


Entering the tropical botanical garden, it is like opening an encyclopedia of tropical plants, and there are many strange flowers and trees that are not seen in the general botanical garden, such as cocoa trees, melons and so on.


Shenzhou Peninsula has two seas inside and outside, each bay has its own customs, the two sides of the graceful coconut groves, tall and graceful casuarina, green mountains ups and downs, the scenery is unlimited. Due to the pristine nature of the sea, it is not recommended to play in the sea, but there will be some clubs on the island to provide surfing, snorkeling and other fun activities, you can go to experience.


There are strange caves and valleys, cliff stone carvings, or a long history of Buddhist holy places. From the valley of the ridge to the ridge, there stood tall steep mountains of different shapes and large and small boulders, some like ships, some like eagles, lifelike. There are also many carvings on the cliff left by ancestors when visiting, even dating back to the Jin Dynasty.


Continent Island, also known as Bird's Nest Island, is located in the sea east of the city, the surrounding water is crystal clear, can be called a diving paradise. It is also one of the few protected areas for swiftlets in China, which has far-reaching significance.


The water on the island is crystal clear, walking into the shallow sea, starfish, sea cucumber and living coral can be seen everywhere, and the sea bottom is covered with colorful tropical fish and other Marine life, forming a spectacular underwater garden, which can be called a diving paradise.


Shimei Bay is located on the east coast of the city, with beautiful primitive scenery, about 7 kilometers of blue sea and silver beach, surrounded by low slopes with dense vegetation, one side is the endless sea, the other side is stacked with trees. The sea is also occasionally floating harvest fishing boats, forming a unique scenery.