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Sword 2 lex positioning

2018-02-22 16:00:00

Iron arm bronze shoulder moral, ghost axe magic drive away evil.


As a melee occupation, the superior striking ability of the lex can effectively prevent the enemy from attacking the rear friendly forces, and is a strong barrier for the team. Combined with a variety of close drop skills, making it a class with outstanding fighting ability. As a pure physical damage occupation, the skills of the strongman are simple and direct, knocking down and floating give people a strong visual impact, throwing skills are extremely overbearing, once hit, will bring great psychological pressure to the opponent


Capture and throw: a variety of throws mainly play the profession, the ability to rush is not strong, but once the opponent is captured, the next will use a series of dazzling throwing skills, causing a lot of damage at the same time, but also the opponent's confidence completely defeated. "Tablet wrestler" : Grab an enemy and throw him down for a continuous rolling attack. "Shakya throwing elephant", catch the fallen enemy and throw it into the floating state, can continue to hit. "Strengthen the lion fight rabbit", long distance burst the enemy to grab the wheel for several weeks after smashing to the ground. Do you feel excited by these skills? The fight with the wrestler must always be highly vigilant, because a small mistake will be captured and suffer a long company, if two mistakes, the defeat has been decided. The short board is more embarrassing in the group of monsters, the group skills are extremely few;


Rozalis: good at a large range of advance, close to the opponent after the close fight, a large number of rigid body skills make Rozalis in hand-to-hand combat often able to occupy the initiative. Signature skills "bull hit", squat forward impact, produce group flying effect, the whole process can not be interrupted, once the hand, the other side had to dodge, hit after you can use "five ding open mountain", flying forward, continue to add strikes. Rozalis also has a strong state of "motionless Zun", which directly obtains a short time rigid body form. Therefore, for other professions, Rozalis is indeed a difficult opponent, and it is necessary to always pay attention to the state of the other party and wait for an opportunity. Strong group skills