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Taiwan free travel 5 days guide

2018-02-15 14:24:00

My boyfriend and I went to Taiwan, in September, the following is my real guide, all original pictures, for reference.


Preparation before departure: entry permit, mainland resident travel permit, ID card, bank card, exchange Taiwan dollars and US dollars, beautiful clothes, hats and sunglasses, toiletries, etc., set up mobile WIFI in advance.


DAY1: Flying to Taipei, landing settled in the afternoon, lived in a homestay near Ximen Town, did an Octopus (by subway), went to 101- finished book. 101, make sure you buy a ticket to the top floor. Great view.


DAY2: Taipei Palace Museum - Tamsui Middle School (Jay Chou takes the secret place that can not be said) - Fisherman's Wharf - Ximen Town night market. Danshui Middle School is very beautiful, suitable for taking all kinds of small photos.


DAY3: Park - Freedom Square - Go to Taipei Station in the afternoon to take the train to Sun Moon Lake - stay in Sun Moon Lake, eat around Sun Moon Lake in the evening. There are many pigeons in Liberty Square, which is good for photos.


DAY4: Play in Sun Moon Lake, take a boat, take a cable car, take photos. In the afternoon, take the bus to Taichung Railway Station, and then take the Taiwan railway to Kaohsiung. Chartered bus in Kaohsiung to Kenting. Stay in a B&B near the sea at night and go to the night market at night.


DAY5: Rent a small battery, Kenting play! The sea in Kenting is super beautiful! Hang out at the Cape 7 shoot. Then carpool back to Kaohsiung, the evening flight leaves Taiwan.

Matters needing attention

It is still recommended to go in spring, summer and autumn, not in winter.


Hualien is also said to be good, there is time to go to Hualien.


Kenting is highly recommended.