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Taiwan western route travel guide

2018-06-12 03:12:00

Taiwan is also a particularly popular tourist destination, often see the Taiwan drama will want to travel to Taiwan, Taiwan's scenery and food is more popular, so take the family to travel to Taiwan is very suitable, so Xiaobian here to introduce the western line of Taiwan travel strategy.


Taiwan travel guide


The first is to recommend Taiwan's nine portions, it will often rain here, so it is best to have an umbrella, and there are a lot of food streets here, where you can eat very authentic Taiwanese snacks.


Then it is recommended that Taiwan's Jingua stone, from the nine can be directly arrived by car, in Jingua stone can understand some of Taiwan's history, you can also learn a lot of profound.


The second is to recommend Taiwan's Qing Mirror farm, the scenery here is really good, there are blue sky white green grass, the best resort to take photos.


Again, Kenting Street is recommended, where it will be very busy at night, and sometimes there will be a music festival, so you can't miss a stroll here.


Then you can rent a motorcycle to go around Kenting, you can go to the seaside, you can also play in the park, so it is great to have an electric motorcycle.


The above is the Taiwan Western tour guide introduced by Xiaobian, if you are ready to go to Taiwan, you have to be prepared to plan in advance, so that there will be no trouble during the journey.

Matters needing attention

Take a look at the beautiful island of Taiwan and experience a different kind of scenery.