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Take a look at 10 of the most beautiful waterfalls

2018-02-18 06:24:00

In the middle of summer, it is not easy to find a cool, go to nature, or hide in the woods or near the water, you can feel a little refreshing. Especially to the waterfall, the beautiful scenery with a rare cool, can give tourists the best enjoyment, here to introduce the most beautiful is a waterfall.


The largest transnational waterfall in Asia, Guichun River water in the thousands of rocks and ravines demarcates the boundary between China and Vietnam, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, she is green and clear, simple like a girl in the mountains. Detian is the name of a large border village, and Guichun River chose this place to show her balky and tender beauty. She poured out from the cliffs of green trees, flying tortuous, forming a width of more than 100 meters, a drop of more than 40 meters, three layers of tumbling down the waterfall. Since the day it was created, Detian Waterfall has become the most passionate expression of the Guichun River.


Huangguoshu Waterfall Huangguoshu Waterfall is the most magnificent music on the river, which combines the slow flow of the river with the rush of joy. Falling from the top of the 68m high cliff is a whole river of enthusiasm, which is both rich in water and magnificent in spirit, and has a soft, graceful and gentle flowing. The 81m wide 瀑面 is full of water vapor and can form a charming rainbow if the right sunlight shines on it.


Lushan Waterfall Group is the most historical, many generations of literati and poets in this poem inscription, praise its spectacular and majestic, to Lushan waterfall has brought a high reputation. The most famous is the Tang Dynasty poet libai's "Looking at the Waterfall of Lushan Mountain".


The cleanest waterfall group is in the waterfall, and walking along the water is a wonderful enjoyment. From the bamboo sea, the Panda Sea, the Five Flower Sea, the Peacock River to the pearl Beach, from the white snow to the gurgling stream, from the chaotic waterfall to the static lake, no matter how pure the stream is also like a big river rough road of life, the lucky and tragic water are exposed to the earth.


Jingpohu Waterfall, the largest volcano in China, has long been a gentle river, a volcanic eruption before, rewritten the flow of life. The Quaternary basalt flow formed a natural barrier near the hanging water tower, blocked the exit, raised the water level and formed more than 90 square kilometers of Jingpo Lake.


In China, no river has ever been entrusted with so many honors and responsibilities, and the Yellow River has been entrusted with too many historical missions when it is respected as "mother". The Yellow River flows through the Jinshan Valley to reach the territory, the water surface suddenly shrank from more than 400 meters wide to more than 50 meters, "Shu Yu Gong" in only eight words: "Cover the river whirlpool, such as kettle ran." The image of Hukou Waterfall leaps onto the page.


Maling River, the largest waterfall in China, originates from Wuling River. There are more than 60 waterfalls and flying springs in Maling River, and 13 waterfalls are distributed in the 2km long canyon along the wall hanging cliff, forming a spectacular waterfall group. The most characteristic is the pearl waterfall, 4 white and soft waterfalls from the top of the cliff more than 200 meters fell down, in the layers of overlapping rock pages, the impact of thousands of water beads, water beads shining in the sun, like someone descending sieve full of cliff spray.


Big Dragon waterfall The whole Yandang Mountain can be called the name of the waterfall there are more than 20, the most famous is 190 meters high big dragon waterfall, it is said to be one of the biggest falls in our country. Small dragon Qiu west to more than 20 kilometers to meet with big dragon Qiu, the road is far away, but there is a scenery along the way, but it does not appear lonely. The feature of the big dragon muted is that a torrent that hangs in the air and goes down, because the drop is too large, because the mountain wind blows, it is divided into two sections with its own characteristics, the first half of the white training dancing, the second half of the smoke like fog.


Yinlian Waterfall The most beautiful waterfall Yinlian Waterfall is in the Star Bridge scenic area, only 7 km from HuangGuoshu Waterfall. A few huge rocks like the shoulders of nature, let the water gently spread over, slowly converge in the deep pool. The surface of the rock is like rough skin, and the flowing water forms beautiful silver particles on it, so the whole landscape seems to be silver, and its soft charm makes people's heart soften a little.


The most delicate waterfall is located in the Quicksand Waterfall with a drop of 216 meters, which is said to be the crown. From Dehang town, the village path to walk to the Liusha waterfall, all the way and line and stop, at a turning point, you can see the waterfall far away. Most of the time, the waterfall drops from the cliff, the height of the drop, the water below scattered into quicksand.