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Take you on a tour of the top 10 authentic American attractions

2018-02-18 16:00:00

If someone asks, what should I do when I travel to the United States? This is not an easy question to answer, like a foreigner asking, what can I do when I travel to China? The United States is almost as big as China, and the span of human and geographical environment is extremely rich. It is not easy to choose ten things worth recommending. Those "vulgar" tour lines are the "flag-planting party" love to do things, of course there are many very American characteristics, but thousands of miles across the ocean to the United States, it seems that the focus of travel can be focused on those unique American style, must be experienced in person, and not particularly limited by date activities. Those general things, such as brand shopping or the collection of world civilization of the famous museum, do not need to be included in this recommendation list.

Take you on a tour of the top 10 authentic American attractions

This information comes from experience


Seattle is not only a city that can keep you up at night, but it can also make you super excited during the day. Take a stroll through the hillside Pike Place Market and you'll see what I mean. Pike Place Market is built on a steep hillside facing the sea, and when you enter through the front door at the top of the hillside, it is a slide. Walk through the door, looking at a variety of fresh vegetables and fish, colorful daily necessities and souvenirs of art, eating a variety of seafood and a variety of flavors of food and snacks, after eating to see a layer, the next layer can have new discoveries, a few hours later, you walk out the back door, only to find that has been down a full four floors. Oh, and by the way, don't forget to check out that fish stand on the top floor, where the guys in the orange and red rubber aprons can toss half-man-sized fish all over the field without missing the ground, an amazing feat that has been featured on TV and in magazines all over Seattle.


3. Listening to rock and roll at Denver's Red Rocks Amphitheater is an exciting experience, but it's even more rewarding to listen to rock and roll at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver's western suburbs. This is not an ordinary theater, the entire outdoor theater is built in the red sandstone formed by thousands of times of sea, the theater is flanked by straight up and down cliffs, tens of meters of huge rocks formed a natural echo wall, what is more, behind the stage is also a natural cliff, perfect acoustics, you can speak loudly on the stage, without a microphone, 10,000 people can hear the theater clearly. This is the Carnegie of rock 'n 'roll, and no rocker who hasn't practiced here can claim to be a world-class star. Even if you don't listen to rock, if you love nature, it's worth making a special visit to this unique outdoor theater.


The NBA in China seems to be more hot than in the United States, men and women dressed in colorful uniforms gathered in bars and home in front of the television to shout for their team, but again loud, it is only their own pleasure, the love of the star can not hear your passion. If you come to LA, you can't miss the chance to see the Lakers at home. Eating hot dogs, drinking beer, watching Kobe in the live performance of the trapeze, you will find that the Lakers know no borders, American fans and Chinese fans are as crazy.


5. Bear watching and Husky sledding on a glacier in Alaska If you want to talk about the most amazing place in the United States, it really has to be Alaska. The most attractive nature in Alaska is the magnificent natural environment there, the first peak in North America McKinley, the endless wilderness, the towering ice peaks. In autumn, when Alaska's brown bears are busy hunting salmon for winter, on the Kenai Peninsula, you can land on a cobblestone beach in a Sasquatch Cessna and walk to within a few feet of the bears for a closer look. If that's not exciting enough, head to the small town of Girdwood for an Alpine Air helicopter ride to a nearby glacier, where you can ride a sled pulled by more than a dozen sturdy huskies over a snowy field surrounded by ice peaks and experience the Edinod Race.


6, on the Statue of Liberty, yes, this is a very standard tourism project, but everyone does not necessarily must be vulgar. What better image of America than the Statue of Liberty? In the end, this is not only a unique sculpture, but also an ideal, an aspiration.


7, Self-driving from Miami to Key West Island, the United States is a country on wheels, a lot of first-class self-driving lines, east and west across, or along the cliffs of the first Ocean highway, are exciting experiences for drivers. But the road trip to Key West has a different flavor. This nearly 200 km journey is all flying on the blue sea, 42 cross-sea Bridges connecting a string of coral islands far out of the southern tip of the United States, the sky and sea on both sides of the road is intoxicating, and the oyster bar on the island is also a delicious opportunity not to be missed in your trip. No wonder Hemingway made his home in Key West, at the southern end of the island chain.


8. Parks Everyone knows that once in the United States, you must visit a Yellowstone National Park. This is the world's oldest national park, and perhaps the world's most beautiful national park, and the magic can't be truly felt just by a tour bus stop. Come to the park, live in the park. Do not have to rush, during the day can climb the hill quietly overlooking the Grand Prism color Spring, in the evening can have enough time to see brown bears and bison in the water, after dark, with a flashlight, into the geothermal fountain area near Old Faithful, perhaps you have the opportunity to encounter a large eruption than the old Faithful tourists gathered in the day.


9, Orleans Preservation Hall Jazz originated in New Orleans, New Orleans jazz in Preservation Hall (Preservation Hall). This temple of jazz is not surprising on the outside, but if you look hard enough, you can't miss it: Every evening, an hour or so before a performance, a long line forms in front of an old house on Peter Street in the French quarter. Everyone paid cash at the door, no reservations were accepted, and there were no fixed seats, or strictly speaking, no seats at all. A few dim incandescent lamps hung in the dilatable house, a rusty fan on the wall, most of the people stood, the first few dozen people could sit on the ground, one by one, listening to the world's best jazz players play the purest jazz melody.


10, the rafting in the Grand Canyon refers to the white spray in the whitewater, rafting refers to the rafting down the river in the whitewater. This is a sport that dares to challenge nature, and rafting the Grand Canyon is the crown of this sport. More than 400 kilometers long, the Grand Canyon of Colorado is hidden in a canyon nearly two kilometers deep, and the river is sometimes calm, and sometimes it is a dangerous torrent. Entering the Canyon on Grand Canyon Whitewater's powered rafting, you quickly lose everything to the outside world and will need at least a week before you can return to civilization again. For a week, you have close contact with nature, and every day you are accompanied by the Colorado River or blue or yellow water, and the rock that the river has cut over two billion years. You break the waves in the rapids, you hike through the side canyons, you bathe in the waterfalls that rush down the cliff, it is definitely a journey through time and space.