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Talk about the glass King Kong this career guide

2018-04-09 08:00:51

Talk about the glass King Kong this career guide


Glass King Kong - a look at the name knows that he is a MT flesh shield, the attack can not be compared with the Holy Devil, but the God of the West Valley has created a very strong skin for him to resist the powerful BOSS... He not only has the ability to return 60% of the blood (that skill is equivalent to having a wet nurse on the side to help you add blood, cooldown time 3 minutes, and can not move) and increase the damage reduction is the reduction is not completely invincible, if completely invincible all the glass can single play any BOSS, anti-damage (rebound damage).


Dear students, I am a DOTA fan, I use DOTA to analyze the glass, the glass is equal to DOTA in the horse uncle, his resolute and unyielding very meat out of a pioneer shield (object resistance)+ in the second test when many people are a 6 level stone, 7 level stone, the attack is very high, the second person is very cool, ghost, High critical attack with a level 6 stone stealth kill a critical attack damage is very considerable, ghost ghost I can evolve him into a great late phantom assassin in DOTA (16 level 4 times critical attack, phantom assassin out of a crazy tomahawk to 16 level critical attack can be more than 1000 damage, lack of blood,) Smart uncle Horse knows the assassin critical attack is extremely high, Crisp skin blood less than 1000 blood heroes were seconds, so Uncle Centaur out of a blade armor (rebound damage 100%, support for a period of time), when the phantom assassin is very arrogant, did not see Uncle Centaur out of what equipment, a B flew OVER the storm hit 1000 damage cool ah, OVER, Phantom assassin only a total of a little more than 1000 blood was directly bounced to death, and Uncle Centaur blood thickness of more than 3000 blood, was struck by the phantom assassin less than 1000 blood and his own more than 2000 blood, and the phantom assassin was hung, the phantom assassin was very angry, your sister, can not not open the blade armor, the phantom assassin thought he opened the blade armor, I don't play is not okay? How do people have the almighty big move ah plus 1000 defense and immune to any damage (equal to the invincible glass), the assassin is very fire to say grass, Lao Zi only 10 points defense, you 10000 defense, this is not pit dad, this is also how to play is not lost ah? The assassin said you open invincible I will run, see how long you invincible time, invincible time finally quietly left the body of the horse, phantom assassin shouted, the final kill (spiral pill ultimate)


After the horse and horse lost said you dare not 1V1 single jump, phantom assassin said, what age now ah 1V1, want to 1V1 to open a single machine and computer 1V1 go to it... While the Phantom assassin was laughing, the demon witch doctor took the broken wheel in his hand, knocked the Phantom assassin on the head and said: Fortunately, their teammates have retreated, otherwise you and he the same way to die, in the strong DPS, in the meat of MT, in the power of the wet nurse, are just living in the shadow of control, only control is king, so don't ignore your teammates, not afraid of God-like opponents, only afraid of piglike teammates... Yo West, by the way, why do centauris have the almighty big move invincible and his own big move fortitude and indomitable, and add blood, this is not centauris ah, this is not DOTA ah, DOTA, this is the perverted version of DOTA, you must have entered the wrong room.