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Tax exemption guide

2018-02-16 11:12:00

Tax exemption has become a travel friends must go to the place, but many friends do not understand tax exemption, in fact, there are still a lot of requirements to buy things duty-free, let us learn tax exemption guide, to travel, will bring us a lot of convenience and concessions.


Tax exemption guide


Policy interpretation: 1. Definition of duty-free policy on outlying islands


The off-island duty-free policy refers to the preferential tax policy for passengers who leave the island (excluding departure) by air to purchase goods free of import tax for limited number, limit value, limited quantity and limited variety, make payment in the duty-free merchant who implements the off-island duty-free policy (that is, off-island duty-free), and take delivery of goods off the island in the airport quarantine area.


2. The buyer is at least 18 years old. Foreign passengers leaving the island by air for mainland China, including provincial residents (based on identification by the identity card issuing authority). Off-island duty-free shopping must meet the following conditions at the same time to enjoy the policy: 1, have purchased an off-island ticket and hold a valid identity document, temporary ID card can also be purchased, passengers hold a resident ID card (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan passengers hold a valid travel document), foreign passengers hold a passport; 2. Pay for duty-free goods in the designated offshore islands, the variety of goods and the number, amount and quantity of duty-free shopping are within the scope prescribed by the State, and the shopping voucher is obtained according to the regulations; 3, in the airport quarantine area with identity documents and shopping vouchers, at the designated pick-up point to pick up the purchase of duty-free goods, and by the passenger himself on board the flight to the island.


3. At present, to enjoy duty-free shopping with an outlying island ticket, tourists can only enjoy the duty-free policy on the outlying island if they are "outlying island", and residents on the island can also enjoy the preferential policy with an outlying island ticket. If the flight is delayed or cancelled, the duty-free goods should be handed over to the duty-free merchant (including the pick-up point) on behalf of the security, until the actual flight to the island and re-enter the quarantine area after extraction. Lv Yong, deputy of the provincial Department of Finance, said that at present, passengers can only enjoy the duty-free preferential policy of the outlying island with the plane ticket, and consumers who take cars, trains, ships and other means of transportation off the island can not enjoy the preferential policy. As for whether the restrictions on outlying islands will be breached, the relevant departments will make adjustments according to the trial implementation of the duty-free policy on outlying islands.


4. The policy "four limits" limit amount - the amount of duty-free shopping per person for outlying island tourists (including island residents) is tentatively set to be within RMB 5,000 (including RMB 5,000). Under the condition that passengers pay the import tax on imported goods in full according to the customs value, each person can also buy 1 piece of goods with a unit price of more than 5,000 yuan.


Limited number of times - Non-resident tourists can enjoy the duty-free shopping policy of the outlying islands up to 2 times per year, and resident tourists can enjoy the duty-free shopping policy up to 1 time per year. Passengers leaving the island after shopping are counted as 1 duty-free shopping.


Quantity limit - The policy makes clear the range of the number of duty-free goods purchased: within 5 pieces: cosmetics, clothing, pens, candy; Within 4 pieces: small leather pieces; Within 2 pieces: jewelry, crafts, watches, perfumes, scarves, glasses (including sunglasses), ties, wool, cotton, shoes and hats, belts, bags, sporting goods, etc.


Limited variety - Duty-free goods are limited to imported goods. During the pilot period, the specific product varieties are limited to: jewelry, crafts, watches, perfumes, cosmetics, pens, glasses (including sunglasses), scarves, ties, sporting goods and other 18 kinds, except for 20 kinds of goods that are prohibited from import by the state and are not exempt from tax reduction.


Purchase process


Shopping with a gift card is done at the front desk for group guests and at any cash register for non-group guests. When applying for a shopping card, domestic passengers should show their resident ID card, overseas passengers should show their valid entry and exit documents (valid pass for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan passengers, passport for foreign passengers), and flight information of outlying islands. In order to ensure timely delivery of goods to the airport pick-up point, passengers from the airport outislands should complete the purchase at least one day before the flight departure, and passengers from the airport outislands should complete the purchase at least 6 hours before the flight departure (based on the time of completion of the last purchase of goods).


Special policy


More than 5000 yuan of goods can buy 1 piece of the island duty-free policy stipulates the limit, the limit is less than 5000 yuan each time, but in order to facilitate the purchase of high-end goods customers, at the same time stipulated in the 5000 yuan limit at the same time, you can buy a piece of more than 5000 yuan, but you need to pay the line and mail tax. At the same time, the container specialist will also make an explanation at the time of purchase, so that customers can make a purchase choice after understanding the situation.


Tax exemption Introduction: Tax exemption address: Xiayangtian Yuya Avenue No. 19 (opposite Luhuitou Square), duty-free business hours: 10:00-22:00. The total duty-free business area is about 7,000 square meters, mainly divided into two floors, bringing together the world's top brands of perfume, cosmetics, jewelry, watches, leather goods and other goods. The shopping area includes the international top brand exclusive area, perfume and cosmetics area, international watch area, fashion area, travel supplies toy area, China and specialty area. Among them, the right side of the first floor is more than 30 world famous cosmetics and 25 top international watches area, including Dior, Chanel, Lancome, Estee Lauder and Shiseido, five of the world's top five perfume and makeup brands can be found. In the famous watch area, including Omega, Piaget, Tag Heuer and other international top watch brands can be bought here. On the left side of the lobby, there are 13 international top brand stores, including Gucci, Burberry, Armani, etc., which can be bought on the second floor, but these products are not included in the duty-free items. Airport Taxi route: International Airport tax-free 20 km by taxi, about 20 minutes. Airport bus route: Take bus No. 8 from the International Airport and get off at Luhuitou Square Station (there are also 2, 3, 4, 8, 15, 17, tourist lines, etc.). Play the most money saving strategy: If you can access the Internet, in the wine or hotel can be free Internet, download a HHCALL to the computer or install, you can play, no roaming charges, no monthly rent, play are 6 minutes per minute, in the entire journey can save a considerable cost. Pick-up is available at any pick-up location. According to the layout, the province will open an outlying island duty-free pilot in both places. At the same time, in duty free shopping, you can either pick up from the outlying island or pick up from the outlying island. The duty-free goods pick-up point is located opposite the VIP room of China Southern Airlines in the airport quarantine area, and the duty-free goods pick-up point is located at Gate 4 in the airport quarantine area. From the entrance of the security check, you can see the navigation sign of the delivery point.


Tax exemption guide


To tax-free shopping must know: 1, online search in advance to list the desire list there are hundreds of international well-known brands duty-free, want to buy what, can buy what, it is best to plan in advance. You can check online to remember the brand and goods you want, you can also compare prices. Another advantage of knowing the brand and the items you want to buy in advance is that you can choose duty-free products more purposefully in the tax-free area, saving time and effort.


2, a set of cosmetics to buy a more cost-effective set of skin care products including cleansing, toning, moisturizing, etc. at least seven or eight, all buy will exceed the limit. In general, many brands will have a set, a set is only one piece, shoppers can choose a basic set, and then match with other items. Moreover, the set of duty-free goods is a commercial special supply, the combination of tens of yuan than the price of a single piece, some popular star products, will be two sets of sales. You can "share" with friends to save money and increase the number of pieces you can buy.


3, 5000 yuan can buy what clothes many monopolies have begun to develop "5000 yuan package" for guests. In the case of Burberry, 5,000 yuan can buy a T-shirt worth 930 yuan and 860 yuan each, while buying a pair of jeans worth 1,630 yuan and a belt worth 1,580 yuan. The reporter learned from the clothing monopoly that 5000 yuan can basically buy a T-shirt, a pair of pants (or silk scarves) and a wallet.


Tax exemption guide


Warm reminder


1. Duty-free goods cannot be taken out of the quarantine area - if, one hour before boarding, the airport suddenly notifies that the flight has been cancelled due to mechanical problems. Then the extracted goods must be returned to the pick-up point and cannot be taken out of the quarantine area. The relevant departments are closely monitoring this, and if tourists are found to leave the quarantine area without carrying duty-free goods, they will be stopped in time and disqualified from shopping.


2. Pick up goods with valid documents and boarding pass - Based on the flight prompt information on each counter of the pick point, the picker will check the bill of lading, ID card and boarding pass, and then pick up the goods from the shelf after checking the correctness.


3, non-boarding goods will be stored or returned - if you have something to do before boarding or deliberately do not want to board, you can only store the goods at the pick-up point for the next time out of the island to pick up, or return. If they are found to be carrying duty-free goods out of the airport quarantine area, they will be dealt with according to relevant measures, and the passengers will be put on the "blacklist" and cannot enjoy the duty-free policy of the outlying islands within 3 years.


4, avoid the flight passenger peak - when making shopping schedule, should take into account the passenger peak time to queue up the time needed to avoid passivity. In order to avoid queues, you can also fully check flight information to avoid peak passenger traffic. It is understood that at the airport, the peak time for flights out of the port is 8 to 10 in the morning, 3 to 5 in the afternoon, if your flight is not in this time period, the people who queue for security checks and queue for goods should not be too much, so that you will get more ample time.


5. Reserve "two times" in advance - Tourists on outlying islands at the airport should complete all shopping payments and go through duty-free shopping procedures 6 hours in advance before the flight takes off, depending on the time of completing the last purchase of goods. (The tourists on the outislands at the airport should complete the payment for all shopping and apply for duty-free shopping procedures 24 hours before the flight takes off.) After arriving at the airport, the goods should be picked up 1 hour before the flight takes off.


Tax exemption guide


FAQ Question 1: What should I do if I don't have a paper ticket and forget my flight?


In the duty-free area, guests will be provided with relevant equipment to check their own flights and confirm flight information. Since consumers will ultimately pick up goods at the pick-up point in the airport quarantine area, they will be responsible for their own attitude to ensure that the information is accurate.


Question 2: Can the purchase limit be accumulated with the number of people?


The amount of duty-free shopping per person for outlying island tourists (including island residents) is tentatively set to be within RMB 5,000 (including RMB 5,000), that is, for duty-free goods with a unit price of RMB 5,000 (including RMB 5,000), the cumulative purchase amount per person shall not exceed RMB 5,000, and the amount of duty-free shopping cannot be stacked with the number of people.


Question 3: What is the import duty rate for imported goods?


Under the condition that passengers pay the import tax on imported goods in full according to the customs value, each person can also buy 1 piece of goods with a unit price of more than 5,000 yuan. The import tax rate of imported goods varies according to the type of goods, between about 10% and 50%, the tax rate of 10% of the goods are jewelry, crafts, etc., 20% of the goods are leather goods, etc., 50% of the goods are tobacco, alcohol, perfume, cosmetics, etc.


Q4: Can I pay tax to buy other goods with a unit price of more than 5000 yuan?


According to the preferential policies announced by the Ministry of Finance, passengers can only buy 1 piece of goods with a unit price of more than 5,000 yuan each time under the condition that they pay the import tax on imported goods in full at the customs value. Even if the tax is paid, it is not allowed to buy the second commodity with a unit price of more than 5,000 yuan.


Question 5: How to punish passengers who violate the rules?


According to the relevant measures formulated by the General Administration of Customs, tourists on outlying islands shall not enjoy the duty-free shopping policy on outlying islands within three years under any of the following circumstances: (1) those who do not carry duty-free goods to outlying islands in accordance with the provisions; (2) providing false identity documents or information such as flights to outlying islands; (3) Violating other provisions. In addition, violations of the provisions of the interim Measures, constituting acts of smuggling or acts in violation of the provisions of customs supervision, will be dealt with by the Customs in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Customs Law of the People's Republic of China and the Regulations of the Customs of the People's Republic of China on the Implementation of Administrative Penalties; If the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.


Q6: What if there is a problem when I buy duty-free goods home?


The person in charge of the tax exemption said that there is no need to worry about this, and China has a strong after-sales network to help tourists solve such problems. The person in charge introduced that if the quality problem can be returned in the duty-free after purchase, if the goods have been bought home only to find the problem, you can call the regional after-sales service hotline: 400-699-6956(10:00 am - 10:00 PM every day) to solve. The after-sales service hotline in other regions is 400-050-0180(Monday to Friday 10:00 am - 5:00 PM).


Question 7: What should I do if there is a problem with picking up goods in the quarantine area?


What if a tourist encounters an emergency "problem" while picking up goods in the airport quarantine area? Such as: the quality of the goods is wrong, the goods are not in place. It is understood that in response to such situations, the Customs has specially formulated emergency mechanisms and plans for monitoring the business site. If the passenger finds that the quality of the goods is faulty, or for other reasons, and requires a return or exchange of the goods, the customs requires a special counter to be set up at the airport to help the passenger exchange and ensure the normal travel of the passenger. If the flight is delayed or cancelled, resulting in the island passengers to leave the airport quarantine area, should be the duty-free goods to the duty-free (including the pick-up point), the customs requires the duty-free to be unified on behalf of the insurance, such as the next passenger into the quarantine area after extraction. If the duty-free goods are not picked up and shipped out of the island in time, the customs requires duty-free goods according to the wishes of the passenger, either return or insurance. Duty-free merchants should report these abnormal handling situations to the customs for timely coordination.


Question 8: How does the customs supervise?


The Customs supervises the whole process of import, sale, transportation, delivery and write-off of duty-free goods, and monitors the information and data of "import, sale, storage, transportation and verification" of duty-free goods in real time. At the same time, it will also strengthen the on-site inspection and verification of duty-free goods sales sites, pick-up points in isolation areas and passenger channels, and comprehensively apply scientific and technological equipment such as video surveillance systems to effectively prevent violations of passenger rules and commodity backflow.


Q9: Itinerary change, what about duty-free goods?


In case of flight delay or change, passengers need to timely through the customer service (0898-8881666-333) tax exemption, and according to the change of flight information to adjust accordingly. If the goods are not picked up, they will "linger" at the airport for a short time and be shipped back together at the end of the day's flight. In this way, passengers whose flights are delayed or rebooked later in the day will still be able to pick up their goods. For passengers who change their flight dates, the tax exemption will be redistributed according to the change information. If the goods cannot be picked up due to force majeure factors, they can also be returned duty-free. After customs verification, the passenger's purchase record will be cancelled, so that the number of purchases will not be affected.