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Teach beginners how to shop on Amazon in Japan in detail

2018-06-11 14:24:00

With the popularization and rapid development of the Internet, we have found that some things abroad are much cheaper than the price, more and more friends want to get them through overseas shopping, looking for a lot of unreliable, very want to do it yourself, I also think so, so not long ago I tried my own overseas shopping after reading a lot of overseas shopping strategies, of course, there is bitter and happy, Below to share with you my experience in Japan on the sea Amoy oh. There are two ways to receive the package in Japan, one is to direct mail to China, the delivery address to write their own address can be, but the cost will be charged in advance; One is transshipment, the delivery address needs to write the address of the transshipment. I chose the best of two ways, and I chose transshipment.


To register, you can directly log in to はこちら (register) by clicking the new rules on the Japanese interface, サインイン is to log in, and the registration information will appear after clicking it. You can fill in the registration information as I wrote on the picture


Second, after the order is successfully registered, you can choose the product, the buy button is in the upper right corner of each product


Next to the checkout page, fill in the shipping address first, fill in the address obtained from their own transport,


Next is to fill in the payment method and information, there are three choices, the first is to open the emergency, (PS: this is the point is opened a member, members can use for free for three months, three months later will charge oh, so you opened a member, please remember to close). If you're rich and capricious, you don't have to close it. Island, the territory is not large, normal, can be delivered within two days. Therefore, individuals do not think it is necessary to choose paid services. Select "Usual delivery" here. And then the next step.


Then the next payment:


Enter the card number, click OK, and wait for the charge. next


The last step ~~~~~~~~~~ is to confirm the order.


Third, the transit shopping is completed, wait for the Japanese Amazon to send the goods to the transit, after delivery, the transit will send a mail to your mailbox, the mail has the weight of the goods and postage and other information, this time you have to go to the landing transfer to pay postage. After the payment is completed here, there will be an EMS tracking number after the shipment, and the tracking number will be checked directly on the website, which is the same as EMS.