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Teach you to install antivirus software skills

2018-05-14 17:36:55

At present, there are many popular anti-virus software, 360 anti-virus, Rising, Kaspersky, NORTON, micro point and so on. 360 antivirus reference dual-engine mechanism, has a perfect virus protection system, not only kill ability, but also for the newly generated Trojan disease can be the first time to defend, and permanently free, no activation code. 360 antivirus is one of the most widely used antivirus software, not only can be downloaded to windows7 system for a comprehensive antivirus, but also the specified file antivirus. 360 After downloading the antivirus software, you can install the antivirus software as follows:


1. After the planting is completed, click the "Run" button in the "planting is completed" dialog box to open the "360 Antivirus" dialog box, in which you can view the illustrative information of the software and the progress of online file download and installation.


2. After the download is complete, the Welcome to "360 Antivirus" installation Wizard will pop up. Prompts users to close other applications before installing them.


3. Click the "Next" button to open the "License Agreement" interface.


4. Click the "I Accept" button to open the "Select Installation location" interface, and set the installation location of 360 anti-virus software in the "Destination folder" text box by clicking the "Browse" button.


5. [Click Next] button, open the [Select "Start Menu" folder] interface, and select the folder of the Start menu.


6. Click the "Install" button to open the "Installing" interface, in which the file installation progress bar is displayed.


7, after the installation is completed, win7 will open the "360 antivirus" installation wizard "interface, prompting the user" 360 antivirus "has been installed in the system, click the" Finish "button, you can close the wizard.