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Teach you to make a handmade photo frame

2018-02-22 00:00:00

Teach you to make a hand-made photo frame, you can play imagination and creativity to make better works to make the whole frame more full! Glue a circle of cotton onto the cut paper frame! Then wrap to give three-dimensional, to full! It's fresh out of the oven. Did a morning oh, there are detailed production steps behind everyone to see ~ first to do the picture frame frame! Find a less rigid carton and mark it according to the size of the photo! Cut it to size! (Note that the size of the inner frame must be smaller than the photo) Find out the color of the cloth you like, we are using the baby's little pants! Make marks on the inside for use! Cross cut! Use double-sided tape to help stick it on! Simple border is done! Put in the photos! Find the fit cardboard to attach to the back! It can be wrapped in cloth for appearance, here I used a piece of cardstock glued to the back! Building a tripod! It's made from leftover cardboard box material! No waste at all! Glue into place! Lateral posterior