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The advantages and disadvantages of buying second-hand houses

2018-04-08 09:36:22

There are so many options for buying a house these days. New homes? A second-hand house? There are certain advantages to not choosing which one, mainly depending on what your needs are. Next, we mainly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of buying a second-hand house


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1. The degree of old and new first for the second-hand housing is certainly not as new as the new house, but the second-hand housing is also divided into years, different delivery years determine the new and old degree of the house, of course, here also depends on the developer's choice of building materials, some developers are more generous, back to the cost of purchasing durable materials, although the appearance can be some old, but the internal structure is barrages! Some profiteers are not, will give the owner a layer of yarn, the appearance looks beautiful, the actual only you live in will cry dad shouted niang! So open your eyes and see for yourself the quality of the house!


2. Taxes and fees this in fact do not need to be detailed, look at the policy issued by the state on second-hand housing transactions to know, with the time issued by the housing property certificate and the area of the house, choose a house with a few years and a reasonable area can let you save a lot of expenses, if you blindly pursue new and old and "big", then there is little difference with the purchase of new homes, the advantages and disadvantages are obvious.


3. Taste This is also urgent housing just need to pay attention to, because the new house has just been installed and repaired is a great smell, mainly the formaldehyde in the paint and furniture, need to be placed and ventilated for a long time. However, second-hand housing because of the time, so there is no problem, this is an advantage. Of course, its disadvantage is that if you don't like the decoration style of the former residents and want to reinstall it, you must first remove the previous decoration and then decorate, which I am afraid that the time is not short!


4. Surrounding facilities The facilities around the new house need to be raised slowly, and businesses will be settled only when the number of people meets the consumer demand. The old community naturally need not say, because the time has opened, the surrounding supporting facilities, such as kindergartens, hospitals, schools, vegetable market streets, etc., have matured. This is the advantage, the disadvantage is that the environment is messy is inevitable, you want to find clean is impossible!


5. Optional finally say this, the advantage of second-hand housing is that you can use your own eyes to see the real thing, rather than relying on the sand table made by the developer like the new community to imagine the home that has not yet been built. The old neighborhood is all there is. You just have to pick what you like. Disadvantage is also this, the new community on these, your choice is not much, ha ha!

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No matter what kind of house you choose, there are advantages and disadvantages, choose not to regret