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The effect and function of small walnut

2018-01-05 20:48:00

Walnuts are good for diet. Whether it is used for dispensing medicine, or eating alone, boiling, dipping sugar, cooking vegetables, it has good effects such as tonifying blood and qi, tonifying kidney and filling essence, relieving cough and asthma, moistening dryness and relieving constipation.


According to "Compendium of Materia Medica" records, pecan taste sweet and flat, can tonifying qi and blood, regulating dryness and eliminating phlegm, warm tonifying kidney lung, asthma. Eating pecans often can nourish blood, increase appetite, black hair, but also can cure sexual dysfunction, neurasthenia, memory decline and other diseases, so there is a folk proverb "often eat walnut oil, white-haired old man play yak". Pecans for people of all ages have the function of nourishing health, pregnant women eat more conducive to fetal bone development; Children often eat is beneficial to growth and development, enhance memory, protect eyesight; Young people often eat can make the body healthy, skin smooth; Middle-aged and elderly people often eat, can protect the heart and lungs, puzzle.

Edible effect

1. Remove blood stasis. It can be used for diseases such as blood stagnation and amenorrhea, blood stasis and abdominal pain, blood storage and madness, and blood stasis.


2. Moisten dry and smooth intestine. The stool used for intestinal dryness constipation is difficult to solve. The product is bitter and dissipates blood stasis, enters the liver meridian blood division, has a strong function of activating blood and regulating the menstrual cycle, removing blood stasis and generating new work, and is suitable for people with more severe blood division stasis. In addition, it has the function of moistening the intestine and relieving cough.


3, eat walnuts to fill the brain can be mashed into "walnut mud" with rock sugar, closely hidden in the porcelain jar, take two spoonfuls each time, with boiling water and, when the cup has a layer of white liquid floating, this is "walnut milk", rich and delicious


4, help beauty if a long time to eat walnut flour cooked into the "walnut porridge", can nourish the skin, make people white and tender, especially the elderly skin aging more appropriate to eat.


5, walnuts can also anti-aging walnut contains vitamin E, can make cells free from free radical oxidative damage, is recognized by the medical community of anti-aging substances, so the walnut is "long live son", "fruit" said.

Tips for making pecans

1. Walnuts can be eaten raw, cooked, or as medicinal porridge, soup, etc.;


2. The walnut kernel and black sesame are ground and mixed, which can increase sebum secretion, improve skin elasticity, keep skin delicate, delay aging, and quickly replenish physical strength;


3. Some people like to peel off the thin brown skin on the surface of walnut meat, which will lose some nutrients, so do not peel off this thin skin;


4. Walnut with the right amount of salt water boiling, drinking water and eating residue can treat kidney deficiency, lumbago, spermatospermia, forgosity, tinnitus, frequent urination and other diseases. Walnuts and job's tears, chestnuts cooked as porridge to eat, can treat frequent urination, spermatospermia, loose stool diarrhea, five diarrhea and other diseases. Walnuts with sesame, lotus seeds do sugar dip, can tonify the heart and brain, but also cure night sweat;


5. Walnuts should not be eaten with pheasant meat.

Matters needing attention

Walnuts can not be eaten with pheasant meat, pneumonia, bronchiectasis and other patients are not easy to eat. Walnuts should not be eaten with wine. According to Song, Ma Zhi "Kaibao Materia Medica" records: "drinking and eating walnuts cause hemoptysis." It may be because of walnut heat, phlegm and fire, and liquor is also ganxin heat, the two eat together, easy to cause blood heat. Especially people with chronic hemoptysis should be contraindicated. Such as qi expansion, tuberculosis patients, drinking liquor can cause hemoptysis, not with walnut co-eating, can also cause disease.