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The eight-stage efficient review method of the Chinese medicine practitioner qualification examination

2018-04-03 19:12:21

The small partners who are going to participate in the Chinese medicine practitioner qualification examination, do we all want an efficient and fast review method? Then let's take a look at Xiaobian according to the review experience of candidates who have participated in the exam over the years, the efficient review method, we divided the review into eight stages, and the next Xiaobian will be introduced to you one by one.


Medical qualification examination


The first stage: before starting the review, we should make preparations in advance, find all the textbooks and materials we need, and make a suitable review plan for ourselves. If we feel that making a long-term plan can not catch up with our own changes, then make a shorter plan first, one month, one quarter, or half a year; No matter how long you schedule, give yourself some time to prepare for the test sprint.


The second stage: After the completion of the development of the plan, the first to take a mapping test. The years of the true question to find, with their current basis to complete the true question volume, look at their own scores, and wrong questions, see where their weaknesses, understand their own gaps, etc., but also to pay attention to how to set the test, what is the type of question, the way to set the question, the overall focus, the purpose is to cultivate the pressure and interest in reading.


The third stage: After finding out where the gap is, you can begin to review the subject according to the plan, memorize the key test points, and strive to master 70% of the test points. Do not drill the point, some topics, strange problems can not be too much work, so as not to waste time and energy.


The fourth stage: After the key and difficult contents of the exam are remembered, you can begin to do the real question again, in the process of doing the question, grasp the law of proposition. To do a question shows that master this knowledge point, of course, they are not sure of the topic must be familiar with, wrong question is undoubtedly their own weak link, in addition to grasp the focus of this chapter of the question, the difficulty is also the key to this step.


The knowledge points involved in the exam are very fine, the book should be looked at carefully, and the review method based on the back rules and regulations in the past simply cannot answer the question.


The sixth stage: after the completion of the true question combined with the textbook, the wrong questions of their own sort down to make a mark, the most frequently appeared exam focus and content in the textbook and review materials to make a mark, in the systematic review, remember is carefully over rather than careless, the focus of attention should be those through the problem found did not master the knowledge. Adjust the direction and way of review, adapt to the proposition of the exam, the more easy it is to the back.


The seventh stage: When sorting out the wrong questions in the process of answering their own questions, do not just mark the end of the review data, be sure to clearly understand and write down the corresponding knowledge points, so as to avoid mistakes again after doing the question. After reviewing it again, do not start all over again, because time is running out, and this is the most tense and critical time. This is the key to review: only need to carefully sort out the wrong questions and related knowledge points, save time, improve efficiency.


The eighth stage: the last stage, that is, it is about to be the time for the Chinese medicine practitioner qualification exam, generally two to three weeks before the exam, to arrange a mock exam for yourself, it is best to find three to four sets of mock exam exercises, remember: there are not understand or memory is not accurate, be sure to firmly grasp the relevant knowledge. The key to this step is to choose a set of mock papers, otherwise it will backfire. The final preparation stage can improve by about 10 points.

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