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The eunuch in Legend of Zhen Huan becomes popular, but is disliked for his inappropriate remarks

2018-03-17 04:48:00

Surely anyone who knows history knows that Su Peisheng was the most powerful eunuch around Yongzheng. In The Legend of Zhen Huan, Li is the one who relies on the eunuch Su Peisheng to win the audience's favor. But the actor is because of a moment of improper words and deeds, and encountered the disgust of peers, this in the end how is it?


The characters in Legend of Zhen Huan have their own characteristics, and the eunuch is no exception. The eunuch with the most roles and the highest status in the drama is Su Peisheng, who is beside Yongzheng. Since he had served the emperor from childhood, Su Peisheng had a very high position in the palace, even higher than most concubines.


Remember there is such a scene, the emperor and Niigu Yao together to eat, Niigu Yao because of rude behavior at the table was rejected by the emperor, Hua Fei told his brother Niigu Yao can not eat without his own dishes, should be next to the eunuch help. Because of the criticism, the arrogant and domineering Nian Jiyao named the emperor's side eunuch Su Peisheng to serve, at that time scared Princess Hua a cold sweat.


It can be imagined that Su Peisheng is not ordinary people can command, but he has been with the emperor since childhood to serve the emperor, only the emperor can command. In some ways, Su Peisheng has a higher status than some of the women in the palace, which also reflects the weight of Su Peisheng's role in the play. Su Peisheng is a very smart man who secretly helps Zhen Huan from beginning to end, because he can see from his years of experience that Zhen Huan is a talent. At the same time, Su Peisheng is also a man who values love and righteousness. He loves his aunt Jinxi more than any other man in the drama, and even becomes Zhen Huan Party for Jinxi.


The role of Su Pei-sheng, a beloved actor, is played by Taiwanese actor Lee, who is best known for the 1990 comedy "After My Wife" and Qiong Yao's drama "Green Grass." In 2006, Lee won the Taiwan Golden Bell Award for Leading Actor in a Drama Program for Love in a White Robe. In 2016, Lee won the Golden Bell Award for "Goodbye Daughter". In 2011, Su Peisheng participated in the performance of the Legend of Zhen Huan, and he brilliantly portrayed the chief eunuch's attitude of being good at observing people.


The role of Su Peisheng has won Li wide recognition, but he has been ostracized by many peers because of an inappropriate remark. After winning Best Actor at the Golden Bell Awards, Lee suddenly spoke about his views on homosexuality during an interview. He said he would not support homosexuality, calling it a curse to future generations.


The sudden remarks let people panic, but the water can not be poured back, Li's view of homosexuality attracted a hot discussion, more by the male star Yan Yalun, Liang Zhengqun and others on the cold choke, think Li is insulting others. "Some people can make me respect them without saying anything," Liang said. "Some people talk a lot but they make me feel sick." "This senior insulted everyone who worked hard in this industry."


Li must have had his reasons for suddenly expressing his antipathy towards homosexuality in front of the media, but it is really inappropriate to say such words in public. All the time, any public figure's opposition to homosexuality has been criticized and criticized, so Li is no exception. But Li's Su Peisheng is really classic, I believe that most people will still like him.