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The fastest way for girls to slim legs, 8 small steps to get you slimming legs fast

2018-03-15 12:48:00

Want to get ahead of summer by wearing a beautiful skirt and hot shorts? That is to hurry up in the exercise, the body accumulated meat and elephant legs quickly lose it! Here is the fastest way to recruit girls to slim legs, 8 small steps to make you thin legs quickly.


One of the fastest ways for girls to slim their legs is to use hot and cold water massages in the shower and be sure to stand up while washing each bath, which can also help you burn more calories. Rinse with hot water for two minutes and massage your legs with your hands. Then rinse with cold water for two minutes and massage your thighs with your hands. This repeated several times, can well promote the blood circulation of the thigh, help burn the excess fat above the thigh, so as to achieve the purpose of losing weight and thin legs.


After getting up in the morning, we can do five groups of high-lift leg exercises in the living room or room, each group of one minute, and each group can rest for a while. The high leg lift is a good exercise for slimming the thighs, it works the muscles in the thighs well and promotes the burning of leg fat.


The fastest way for girls to slim their legs: Yoga: Yoga takes a long time to practice to see the effect, so in addition to eliminating body fat, yoga can also create slender lines and perfect posture through stretching. The one-legged extension is best for slimming your legs. It not only has a stretching effect on the legs but also can enhance the strength of the legs and exercise the sense of balance of the body.


The fastest way for girls to slim their legs four: Bicycle posture Before going to bed at night, lie in bed, lift your feet, do the bicycle posture, and do 200 to 300 times a day. Practice your scissor legs when you're done. Spread your legs about 80 degrees apart, then close them, then separate them again. That's 80 separate strokes. The bike ride is very effective for reducing front thigh fat, and the scissor leg can reduce inner thigh fat.


The fastest way for girls to slim their legs five: jumping rope Studies have shown that skipping for 10 minutes without interruption is equivalent to jogging for 30 minutes. At the same time, jumping rope has a certain exercise effect on the heart and lung system. Jumping rope is a low-cost, energy-intensive exercise. However, when you start to practice jumping rope, you can rest for a while, but the rest time can not be too long, otherwise it will affect the exercise effect. If you exercise for a long time, your legs will become tight.


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The fastest way for girls to thin legs seven: dry cleaning legs holding one side of the thigh with two hands, and then gradually massage down from the root of the thigh, until the massage to the ankle, and then massage from the bottom up, according to the original way to return, so that the massage back and forth more than a dozen times, each time the time lasts for about twenty minutes, it is good, This can not only achieve the effect of lean legs can prevent lower limb varicose veins, edema, muscle atrophy.


The fastest way for girls to thin legs eight: knead the leg belly First put the two legs flat on the bed, and then put the leg belly between the two palms, spiral knead, about 25 times on each side, and then a total of five such 25 times or so. This can promote the return of blood in the lower limb muscles and strengthen the leg muscles.

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How about, see the above 8 skinny leg methods, is there a suitable for you, if there is, take the time to start practicing, be sure to stick to it, if these methods are not suitable for you, more simple and fast skinny leg methods, welcome to the following reference materials to understand and learn, I hope to help you.