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The following conditions shall be met for the registration of domestic commercial factoring

2018-04-05 20:48:40

Commercial factoring registration business refers to the transfer of accounts receivable by suppliers or suppliers to professional commercial factoring registration business institutions, which provide trade financing for them, and at the same time, call for subsequent accounts and other services. Thus, the supplier will quickly turn the receivables into "real gold", which is of great significance to alleviate the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized trading enterprises. Xiaobian is particularly familiar with this commercial factoring theory, and the following is a detailed chat for you ~~


Data show that as of 2014, the scale of enterprise accounts receivable reached 11 trillion yuan, while the scale of commercial factoring registration business was only 20 billion yuan, accounting for only 0.2% of the total accounts receivable.


In the face of this fertile ground to be explored, the application of innovative thinking may add new opportunities for the development of commercial factoring registration business.

Commercial factoring advantage

For the enterprise to lengthen the account period of the supplier receivables, the maximum process for the enterprise precipitation capital flow.


Optimize financial statements to the maximum extent possible. For listed large enterprises, the bad debt provisioning ratio of accounts receivable and notes receivable is different, and commercial factoring can complete the transformation of the corresponding ratio for enterprises. Reduce the proportion of accounts receivable bad debts. Through activating the receivables of listed enterprises and buying them out, the table business is completed. This can greatly optimize the company's financial statements and make the company's accounts more clear.


Use commercial factoring to leverage external funds. The core of the efficient operation of the supply chain based on the core enterprise is the effective transmission of capital flow, and commercial factoring can leverage the external capital leverage based on the credit of the core enterprise. Whether through occupied bank credit, refactoring, on - and off-balance sheet, trust funds... And so on, all need a fulcrum, this fulcrum, no doubt, non-commercial factoring.


Complete the transmission of core supply chain capital flow. The competition between enterprises is the competition of comprehensive strength, which is the competition of large-scale enterprises in the strength of products, employees, brands and so on. As far as the supply chain is concerned, the effective transmission of capital flow is the enduring foundation of a firm. Commercial factoring can be the core hub chain, and it can also become the best tool for enterprise credit to complete capital flow. In the operation of effective capital flow, it can enhance the monetization of enterprise credit and strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

Commercial factoring Registration Laws and Regulations:

Article 1 These Measures are formulated in accordance with the Contract Law, the Law, the Property Law and relevant laws and administrative regulations on foreign investment in order to regulate the business behavior of commercial factoring enterprises, prevent industry risks and promote the healthy development of the commercial factoring industry.


Article 2 These Measures shall apply to commercial factoring enterprises invested and established by the applicable entities within the territory of China.


Article 3 Commercial factoring enterprises The term "commercial factoring enterprises" as mentioned in these Measures refers to non-bank corporate enterprises specializing in factoring business. Factoring business refers to the business activities in which a commercial factoring enterprise acquires all the rights and interests of accounts receivable and provides at least two businesses of accounts receivable financing, management, collection and repayment guarantee to the assignor. Factoring is divided into financing factoring and non-financing factoring according to whether the corresponding consideration is paid in advance before the account receivable matures. According to whether the assignee retains recourse against the assignor or not, factoring is divided into recourse factoring and non-recourse factoring.

The establishment of domestic commercial insurance should meet the following conditions

The investor of commercial factoring should have the corresponding asset scale and financial strength to carry out factoring business, and there is no recent violation penalty record; The main investor should be a legal person or other social and economic organization familiar with the relevant industry, and the total assets of not less than 50 million yuan 1 year before the application;


Commercial insurance should be in the form of limited liability. The registered capital is not less than 50 million yuan, all paid-in monetary capital, one-time full payment, and the source is real and legal;


When applying for the establishment of commercial factoring, there should be at least two senior managers with more than 3 years of management experience in the financial field and no bad credit history. Senior manager refers to the manager who holds the post of deputy general manager or above or an equivalent post;


Commercial factoring shall not be mixed;


Commercial insurance should have a sound internal control system, including but not limited to risk assessment, business process operation, monitoring and other systems;


Other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations.

Matters needing attention

At present, commercial factoring has been established in most regions, but the problems such as the inconsistency of supervision policies, the lack of supporting policies, and the blank of laws and regulations are becoming increasingly prominent, and it is urgent to introduce industrial management measures.