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The Hell Diver's Guide

2018-06-11 09:36:00

"Hell Diver" want to achieve platinum or to master certain skills, the following Xiaobian will bring you "Hell Diver" platinum to achieve a detailed explanation of the method and skills, let's take a look.






In the character skills, heavy armor this skill, try not to use on the difficult map, will seriously slow down the movement speed of you and your teammates, many new people into the difficult map to be kicked is this reason. Usually into the difficult game, please equip the heartbeat accelerator, 85% correct. The healing gun can repair the armored vehicles and robots that have been on fire, and can heal teammates and escort units, but can not add blood to the escorted trains and missile Wells. In the snow map, try to spray the backpack. The other level 1 jetpack is gone after a few sprays, please upgrade as soon as possible. As an armored car driver, don't hurry to get out of the car before it stops, so as not to cause a tragedy... Or a difficult map, if the teammates did not open the robot, please do not open, the speed of running with the foot is much faster than the robot, do not drag teammates. The ripper, the nuke, the thunderer, the cannon, the kind that can take out nests, beacons, control guns. You don't need a Jedi. Save a lot of time. Ibid., individual equipment such as anti-tank rockets. The HAV guns can also be fired directly. If the new person is not an auxiliary flow, in fact, you can not bring ammunition to replenish, because the probability of death is high, and the ammunition automatically recovers after the resurrection. -


For brush influence. In particular, the impact of the limited-time guard city task, the efficiency of the simple difficulty map is actually much higher than that of the high difficulty map. I have participated in a lot of passers-by, 30 minutes a hard battle, the result is only brush the influence of single digits... First, for novices, weapons, strategic equipment upgrade, unlock recommended weapons: I recommend "broken" that is, shotguns, although the number of bullets is not large, but the striking surface is relatively wide, shooting efficiency is very high. No need to deliberately aim, for most ordinary soldiers are instant kill. In addition, many new people like to use a long handle sickle, the gun has no limit on the number of bullets, and can be used on ordinary difficulty maps, but in high-difficulty maps, especially in sports battles, the role is greatly limited.


Strategic equipment: 1. Single brush flowing stream - priority to unlock and upgrade "drone", "signal jammer", "Thunderer artillery", "electromagnetic tower", "ripper nuclear bomb" and other weapons. In particular, the "signal jammer" single brush level 12 map relied on him. In addition to snow sports war, "jet backpack" is also a must. 3. Auxiliary stream loading Force Stream - priority to unlock upgraded healing weapons and ammunition to supplement Jedi bomb drones, electromagnetic position signal jammers and various types of anti-tank rocket and electromagnetic him, mines, laser attacks, nuclear bombs and other auxiliary attack equipment.


Second, the high-difficulty map single-brush method is basically equipped with: 3-level signal jammer *2 robots *1 the remaining one is random. If there are bug nests, control guns, beacon missions on the map, you can bring the Ripper nukes, simple and easy. If there's an unknown yellow area, take a drone to find it. Character skills: non-snow maps, please use the heartbeat accelerator (the role is to speed up the running speed, no enemy people can catch up with you) Specific method: The landing point is selected from the edge of the map a little further away from the task point, and after coming out, throw a signal jammer (the effectiveness of the 3-level signal jammer is more than 1 minute) and then run in the opposite direction. Don't play the whole time if you can. Watch the map. Keep an eye out for enemy movement and steer clear. Reach the first selected quest point, throw another jammer after completing the quest, go to the next quest point, and so on. As long as you pay attention to the movement of the enemy on the map, it takes about 20 minutes to complete a level 12 map. The idea of this method is to use jammers to attract enemies on the map to the opposite position of your mission point, so that you have enough time to complete the mission. (Be careful not to be spotted as you move and trigger an alarm) Note: Snow map, please bring jet packs. Try to run on snow free ground.


When fighting with the Lightsighters, remote enemies on the map don't have to, they don't pull alarms. Beam attacks are easy to avoid, generally they will only chase you and keep a certain distance from you, do not deliberately kill unless necessary. 3, key trophy tips fall from the sky to kill a tankworm using the strategic equipping jet pod to replenish supplies Note, it must be the strategic equipping of "ammo replenishment", watch luck, the equipment bin will drop 2-3 positions near the throw point. On a single brush, a Zerg mission with difficulty 6 or higher will appear Tankworm. It is more likely to appear after completing certain tasks on the map. If none of the tasks are completed, the probability of occurrence is very low. Specifically, you can find a map with 7 difficulty, with 2 robots, 2 ammunition supplements (note that ammunition supplements please upgrade to 3, fall time is 5 seconds, 1 level ammunition supplement fall time is 15 seconds, it is impossible to have this time to smash) sit on the robot to complete several tasks, and then open the brush tank worms, such as tank worms appear, under the robot. Let the Tankworms attack the robot, and you have a high chance of hitting him when you throw your equipment.


The guardian of humanity successfully defends a capital when completing at least one mission Currently, according to my personal observation, it is once every three days, a limited time to guard the capital task starting at 2 am (the last time was March 13, 2015 and March 16, 2015, there are several times before I did not participate). If you're on a mission and online, there'll be an alert on the bridge. Complete a mission at will after entering the combat mission area. After that, within a limited period of time, the influence contribution of all online soldiers in the mission area determines the success or failure of the mission (fate, requires the efforts of all online soldiers, the defensive battle against the Zerg on March 13 was a failure) never give up, never surrender and 4 players join the difficulty level 8 or above of the mission, become the last surviving Jedi soldier. And the strategy of using reinforcements while being knocked to the ground is equipped to obtain a method that literally is more difficult in the passer-by. It is recommended to find 3 gay friends to brush together, very easy. Passers-by, look at luck, I got the opportunity last time in one set of tasks, and deliberately killed a teammate who wanted to throw rescue, and finally threw out the trophy. But in exchange for being kicked out of the game... Complete a task of difficulty level 7 or above without triggering any alarms with a single brush of a signal jammer, which is relatively easy to complete. The hard part is the last 30 seconds waiting for the rescue boat. The method is to run to the farthest corner from the evacuation beacon and lie down (do not go out of the rescue range). There's a chance the enemy won't find you, so when the boat arrives, rush over and get on board. The obtaining method is on the right