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The latest and most fun bars in 2013!

2018-03-16 01:36:00

As a long time to fight in the front line of the world's eating and drinking fun, I have to share my hometown's good bars with you! It is a necessary place for everyone to travel, and you must be worried about finding a good nightlife place when you pass by. I will give you a detailed introduction to the good bar! ALEI Lounge This is definitely the most stylish bar, often a variety of foreign bands, jazz, blues, FUNK.... It is a typical LOUNGE BAR, and entering this bar you will feel like you have traveled to the Bund or Xintiandi. Very fashion-forward design, dark blue shark tank, and in line with the oldest neighborhood Justice Square, ALEI's cocktail is definitely an international standard, can make a perfect Manhattan and New York taste, it is really a surprise. Even more satisfying, if your favorite isn't on the extensive cocktail list, the bartenders are ready to whip up any world-renowned cocktail for you. It can also be tailored to your own taste. The music is not loud, the live band is of a high standard, and it is a place where you can really have a good drink, get drunk in alcohol and whispers, without Shouting into your ears. I was also surprised by the selection of ALEI wines, featuring fine wineries and classics from all price points, countries and countries! More than 10 kinds of single malt whiskey with old ice hockey, I believe the boss must also be a person who loves wine! Address: Moses Moses, North Hall of Justice Square, People's Middle Road This is a typical music bar, just beside the beautiful Cuihu Lake. There are many singers and bands in the bar every day. There are all kinds of old songs and music that will touch your heart. I especially like their resident band, they are all very professional musicians. There is a good selection of imported beer and a wide range of foreign wines. Moses decoration is a typical Moroccan style, you can use COZZY to describe his feeling, it feels very lively. There are several good singers singing popular songs. There are several similar bars near Moses, Fennel, Middle Harmony, etc. It's a good place to get drunk! Address: Cui Road MASK Facebook Bar This is a very hippie bar, a Chinese and two foreigners jointly opened. Located in Kundu, the core area of the night scene, every day there are all kinds of living foreigners, backpackers to travel, and all kinds of underground bands, travel writers will appear here. You feel like you're in a bar on the streets of Bangkok or an alley in Madrid. Beer, whiskey, a simple MIX DRINK, and after you buy it at the bar, you can wander around the crowded little bar and talk to every unknown stranger. Share stories of the journey. It doesn't matter if your English is not good enough, because many foreign friends here can even speak fluently. Not far from Facebook, in an alley called Wacang Zhuang, there is a small Dutch bar called MOON DOG, which is similar in style to Facebook, but quieter. Address: O"reilly Irish Pub, Kundu The first Irish pub, opened by a guy from Belgium. The decor is very Irish pub style. It is worth mentioning that they have several imported very good fresh draft beers, and the bar snacks are also very good. The wings, the onion rings, the burgers all taste and weight. It's a little far, north of downtown. But it's really worth it. Especially if you are a fan and there is a wonderful football game, you must be there to watch and celebrate with everyone. Address: North City District, Beichen Avenue near wild bee Wild bee This is an old bar, very small, hidden in the alley, decorated simple music, but has been crowded. If you're a literary teenager with a good voice or the ability to play the guitar, don't miss it. Wild Bee was run by two brothers named Zhou, and they've been running it for years. The boss has changed from a young handsome man to an old handsome man, and the guests have passed their own youth and stories here. The owner is a good guitar player and can accompany guests who want to sing. In the long run, the guests of wild bees are hidden dragons and crouching tigers, and both of them are professional and good. There are also many applicants to play and sing, and often win the applause of other guests. This is a place with stories, and new ones are being played out every day. Address: Kundu