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The longest journey is the 12 sign male routine

2018-04-08 04:48:25

The first place: Capricorn don't look at Capricorn usually quiet, in fact, his routine is very deep, less talk is to hide themselves, at the same time in the side of meticulous observation of others, the others are very thorough, and then for different people to use different routines.


Second: Gemini male with his three-inch tongue do not know how many people routine, especially in the routine of little girls, he will especially according to the reaction of people to figure out the psychology of the people, and then "the right medicine", false can say true, dead can say alive, the people are fooled.


The third place: Scorpio Scorpio man is best at strategy and routine, and his routine can be almost seamless, watertight, but he is not easy to routine others, unless someone has offended him, he will never be merciful to his enemies.


The fourth: The seat man gives people the feeling that he is always honest and honest, reliable and responsible, but in fact, he has been playing his own small calculations in his heart, often talking about a set, behind the scenes, and being found out that he quipped, got cheap and sold.


Fifth: Pisces male is very good at flirting with younger sister, he is very good at insight into people's psychology, many times, he only needs a glance to know how this person is thinking, and then play a little careful machine, either with eyes glances, or a gentle touch to kill, this is his routine.


Sixth: Libra male "social butterfly" name is not white, do not use the point routine how can be mixed in the crowd, but all his routines are for a "happy" ending, in daily life he is too lazy to routine.


Seventh: Virgo delicate mind of Virgo men to those routines in the door to touch clearly, he will not take the initiative to set others, unless someone set him first, he will anti-set, often kill each other a surprise.


Aquarius Aquarius man has always been his own way, not taking the ordinary road, ignoring the secular eyes, and disdain to play routine games with the common people, his wisdom and talent are used in more meaningful people and things.


Ninth: Cancer man is full of warmth, full of warm male glory, he put his mind on taking care of family and friends, there is no extra thought and no interest in thinking about routine, even if the routine will probably be found out, because he is timid, playing routine is easy to show signs!


Tenth: Leo life such as a play, all rely on acting, lion men really love to brag, love to show themselves in the crowd, but he is vanity, he just want to exaggerate his image, give others a good impression, if you really like who, he will absolutely fanfare chase, simply will not use routine.


11th: Sagittarius man has always given the impression of playboy, but he does not understand the routine, like to say it, do not like to say it, do not mix the false false, but he will blur the concept of interest and like, often mistakenly interested as like, so lead him to change the frequency of girlfriend more often.


Twelfth: Aries Aries male heart is very straight, he simply disdain to play what routines, also too lazy to think of those flowers, with who are true temperament, what to say, never hide, a little child's heart.