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The meaning of the color of the glass

2018-02-25 03:12:00

A mention of glass, unconsciously will be associated with a colorful texture, it is colorful, change the beauty, without the same, like the sun light, olive green, quiet pure blue, mysterious noble purple, enthusiastic ruby red... implicit and make public to show people all its colors. It has infinite positive energy, after the tempered calcination still maintains the purity and calm away from the bustle of the world, so it is considered to be auspicious. In Chinese Buddhism, glass also holds a very special place. The Medicine Master Liuli-Light Sutra says, "May my body be like a glass when I receive Bodhi in the next life, clear inside and out, and clean and unclean." It can be seen that it symbolizes happiness, life and happiness, as well as personality, spirit and realm. Transparent (white) colored glass - Dharma boundless, should protect the house White represents purity, refreshing and light, strengthen vitality and vitality; Protect the body, all diseases do not invade, ward off evil, reduce the harm to the body; Protect the house, a hundred poisons do not enter, bring happiness and happiness to life. Blue glaze - Cofu blue represents, tranquility and comfort; It can reduce stress, stabilize emotions, improve their popularity, and make more friends. It has powerful healing power for muscles, bones, kidneys and headache. For all who need good luck. Amber glass - Amber represents bright, gentle and innovative, is a symbol of power and wealth, can project the energy of authority, strengthen people's decisive force, has a great role in the takeoff of the cause. Suitable for people who are struggling and eager to succeed. Purple glaze - Poly purple represents nobility, elegance and progress, can improve IQ and EQ. It is conducive to improving the existing state and enhancing confidence. It can suppress people's desires and has a protective effect on the cardiovascular system. It is suitable for those who yearn for love and career, and can be used as a guarantee or celebration. Purple and white - + Good mood The combination of white and purple is more clear inside and outside, elegant and delicate. Is the representative of charm, light fragrance into the heart, and has the effect of memory, expressing the priceless feelings and love engraved on the heart. Purple and green - transform the course, strengthen cooperation, on behalf of life and purple with the function of gathering blessing, the resonance of each other's energy has a powerful cohesion effect, can improve their own fate. Amber and blue - Soft and powerful career colors, representing perseverance and faith, can improve the ability to reflect. It means successful career and boundless wealth. Amber and white - official fortune with king noble temperament, eliminate fatigue, control emotions, stimulate people's memory, the main accumulation of wealth.