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2018-05-01 00:00:00

Give people the impression that there are some vicissitudes of life, but also a little tough, just like the northeast man here. Once Shengjing now has a lot of modern sense, the noisy neon of the middle street, the highest skyscraper in the northeast, the lively Liu Laogen stage, the former imperial city root seems to be covered with the light of the metropolis, becoming the core city of the northeast region.

Travel time

The weather from April to October is pleasant and it is the prime time of the year to visit. It is a city with four distinct seasons, and the spring is fast and sufficient, so you can enjoy the flowers in the Expo Garden. The summer here is much cooler than the south, you can go to the national forest park, or visit the night market to eat barbecue; In autumn, you can see the fallen leaves and visit places of interest such as the Forbidden City and the Grand Marshal's Palace. Although the winter is cold, it is suitable for chess skiing to see ice lanterns, which is a northerly scenery.

Must play

Through the palace, read the history of the imperial city, the majestic Forbidden City is the leader of ancient Chinese court architecture, here is a double treasure house of history and architectural art. The city has witnessed the rise of the Qing Dynasty, and now through the steps of the Palace Museum, which are filled with years and tell each layer of eaves and each corridor of the court's past, we can faintly feel the pace of history is not far away from us.


As the best preserved former residence of famous people in Northeast China, the small brothels in Zhang's Shuai Mansion, the former residence of Miss Zhao Si, and various pavilions radiate the atmosphere of the Republic of China everywhere. In the handsome house to calm down to stroll around, listen to the legendary love story of the war years, your heart will have what kind of feelings?


Experience the "Northeast First Street" bustling middle street has been nearly 400 years of history, the city's most prosperous commercial street shopping malls, almost a network of all the world's brands, and here you can taste a variety of local food, to visit.

Regional distribution

Located in the central and northeast of the province, it is the largest city in the northeast region. The middle street area of the district, the district street area, and the northbound area of the district are the most prosperous commercial areas in Shenyang, and also the areas where the food is concentrated.

Itinerary recommendation

 Beiling Park -- Street -- Ancient Palace -- Zhang Shuai Mansion can take subway Line 2 to Beiling Park early this morning to visit Qing Zhaoling Mausoleum, near noon can take the subway to the street to find a snack for lunch. After lunch, take Metro Line 1 to Zhongjie, visit the Forbidden City (about 2 hours), then walk 5 minutes to the Zhang Shuai Mansion and the Finance Museum next to it. After that, if you have enough time, you can go to the Catholic Church about 700 meters away from the Zhang Shuai Mansion, and in the evening, you can go back to the middle Street and enjoy the food.

Accommodation guide

The wine industry is very well developed and choosing accommodation is not a problem. Generally speaking, the choice is in the bustling business district and the area along the subway that is convenient to travel, or the transportation hub area. In the middle street area, the area between the street and the station, and near the North Station, there are a large number of wines of various grades. For tourists to live in the area of the Middle Street is the first choice, because the Forbidden City and Zhang Shuai Palace are two iconic attractions here, and the traffic and business are quite developed in the middle Street, whether it is shopping or tasting the time-honored food is very convenient, and there are a lot of fast wine in this area. Depending on the region, the lowest economy wine is about 120-180 yuan/night; Three-star wine minimum about 220-280 yuan/night; Four-star minimum about 350-450 yuan/night; And spend 600 yuan/night can basically stay a good five-star wine. Of course, the above is the usual reference price, when the tourist season prices will rise.

Matters needing attention

Winter is relatively cold, usually between minus 5 degrees to minus 25 degrees, winter travel remember to pay attention to the weather forecast in advance, wearing down jackets, wool sweaters, wool pants and warm cotton pants. At the same time, cotton shoes, cotton hats, cotton gloves, scarves can not be less.


Winter indoor and outdoor temperature difference is large, easy to catch a cold, it is recommended to prepare cold medicine. Take a hot bath every night and drink plenty of hot soup with meals.