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The most comprehensive Gulangyu tourism guide

2018-03-17 14:24:37

Gulangyu Island is a place that many people yearn for, or for the buildings of all nations here, swimming in the melodious beach; Or to explore the edges and corners of ancient courtyards; Or just looking for a cat or a dog alone; Or just take a stamp book to each small feature stamp... Some people say that Gulangyu is a romantic and sweet place for lovers, a secret base for cats, and a gathering place for literary and artistic groups.

Travel time

This page is an illegal climb taken from experience

Regional distribution

Gulangyu Island is located in the southwest corner of the province island, and the island is only separated by a Lujiang. The island is surrounded by a 6km roundabout road, starting at the ferry terminal; Longtou Road, from the pier, is the commercial gathering place of Gulangyu; Sunlight Rock is located in the south of the island, is the highest point on the island, mountain boulders, stacked into caves; The Piano Museum is at the Shuzhuang Garden on the seashore at the southern foot of the Sunlight Rock. Haoyue Garden is located on the Fudingyan seashore in the east of Gulangyu Island.

Gulangyu must play

Sunlight Rock is the highest point in Gulangyu Island, you can enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view of Gulangyu Island, and experience the feeling of overlooking the scenery from above, especially for those who like photography, you can take pictures of the buildings of all nations on Gulangyu Island and the scenery of the island.


With the seal book in hand, play with the characteristics of Qin Island Gulangyu has many characteristics, and each family has its own seal. After the island to buy a seal book, each to a special, leave a seal, witness a journey, is very interesting things. There's over 100 on the island. See how many stamps you can make


Listen to a free concert Gulangyu music education and high rate, known as "Qin island", in the Gulangyu Concert Hall, if there are no special circumstances every night (19:30 admission) there is a free concert, enjoy a music feast.


Walk around Gulangyu Island Walk around Gulangyu Island, enjoy the magnificent blue sky and blue sea, while experiencing the natural scenery of the island and the integration of humanity.

Itinerary recommendation

There are no cars or bicycles on Gulangyu, and everything depends on walking, which is also a place for people to get lost, and here is the need to get lost. Find a villa transformed into a family hotel for a few days, wandering aimlessly on the island, occasionally passing by an old house, the triangle plum on the wall is open warm and unbridled; When you are tired, you can only hide in a cafe to listen to music, read a favorite book, play with the cat for a while, or just take a nap. Here you must feel with your heart, appreciate with your eyes, listen with your ears, touch with your hands... To really see the difference.


 Old Site of British Consulate - Old Site of Japanese Consulate - Catholic Church - Huang Rongyuan Church - Sea Paradise Structure - Yuyuan - Shuzhuang Garden - Piano Museum After breakfast, I went to the old site of British Consulate, walked along Lujiao Road, and saw a shabby two-story building that used to be the Japanese Consulate. Continue along the alley, and a pure white building will lead to the Catholic Church. When I came to an alley with lush trees, I turned into two tall villas, namely the Huang Rongyuan Hall and the Sea Paradise Structure. Then I continued my march and came to the Yu Garden, where I walked for the Shuzhuang Garden and the Piano Museum along Zhonghua Road.


 Sunlight Rock - Qin Garden - Hundred Birds Garden - Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall - Organ Museum - Underwater World Try to get up early in the morning and go to Sunlight Rock to avoid the rush crowd. Near Sunlight Rock is Qin Garden, Hundred Birds Garden and Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall. At noon, you can go to Longtou Road for dinner, and then go to the organ Museum, and then go to the underwater world on the right.


Gulangyu is not big, it is recommended not to make specific arrangements for the trip, find a place to live after the island, let the soul slow down, any time wanton flow, stroll in the ancient and long alleys, experience different charm; Walk tired will find a feature, you can go in to sit; If you are hungry, you can taste the delicious food on the island, stop and go, where you go, and you don't have to worry about getting lost, because Gulangyu is a lost place.

Accommodation guide

There are many accommodation options in Gulangyu, the most famous of which are family hotels. Most of the family hotels in Gulangyu Island are converted from old villas with exotic customs, simple and elegant, in the green bushes, warm and romantic, and there is no lack of literary bourgeois characteristics. In terms of price, there are also expensive high-end wines, and there are cheap ones, but they will be more expensive than in the city.

Food guide

Gulangyu has many delicacies, and Longtou Road and Road are the gathering places for snacks. Among them, Longtou Road is the most important food street on the island. There are many delicacies here, and the most famous snacks are Ye's glutinous rice cakes, Huang Shengji Golden fragrant pork flos, Wang Ji pie, oyster fried, noodle paste and so on. Leave the bustling leading road, turn into a little more quiet road, less is a little noisy, delicious temptation can not be reduced. There are many roadside stalls and small restaurants, most of which are based on seafood, delicious and cheap.


In addition to the above two more concentrated areas, there are many food committed to the streets of Gulangyu, when there is nothing to wander out of the hotel. Walking on a strange path, a casual glance back, a hidden surprise may be discovered by you.

Matters needing attention

There are many leading roads and roads on Gulangyu Island, so be sure to move your mouth to ask the people on the island, otherwise you will take a lot of wrong roads.


When you see a special product recommended by a friend in Gulangyu Island, don't be excited and forget that there are many attractions behind, and traveling with heavy loads is not what we want. Or, you can leave it at home and pick it up after you've walked through all the sights.


Smoking is banned in public places in Gulangyu, and violators may be punished.


Littering on Gulangyu Island and damaging the city's appearance and cleanliness will be punished according to the seriousness of the case.


There are many unlicensed tour guides in Gulangyu, no license, please refuse unlicensed tour guides, remember to sign a "one-day tour itinerary order" with the tour guide when playing, this will ensure that you enjoy a more standardized tour guide service.