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The nutritional value and efficacy of dog meat

2017-12-31 19:12:00
Dog meat, in some parts of China, is also called "fragrant meat" or "ground sheep". In Cantonese, it is also called "Sanliuxiang rou" because three plus six equals nine, and "nine" and "dog" are homonyms in Cantonese. Dog meat taste mellow, fragrant, and mutton is the same as the best winter supplement. Dog meat not only has a high protein content, but also excellent protein quality, especially with a large proportion of globulin, which has an obvious effect on enhancing the body's disease resistance and cell vitality and organ function. The effect and function of dog meat 1, dog meat taste sweet, warm, salty, spleen, stomach, kidney channel; It has the effect of warming the spleen and stomach, tonifying the kidney and assisting the Yang, strengthening the strength and replenishing the blood vessels. 2, dog meat kidney warming and aphrodisiac, used for kidney Yang deficiency caused by cold waist and knee pain, urination long, urination frequency, edema, deafness, etc. Warm and tonify the spleen and stomach for the epigastric distention and abdominal cold pain caused by insufficient Yang qi in the spleen and stomach. 3, eating dog meat can enhance the human body, improve digestive ability, promote blood circulation, improve sexual function. 4, dog meat can also be used for the weakness of the elderly, such as urine drowning, cold limbs, mental depression and so on. Often eat in winter, can make the elderly enhance cold resistance.