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The practice of steaming flounder

2018-03-07 04:48:00

"My family has a student child, especially like to eat sea fish, under his influence, our whole family has fallen in love with sea fish." The production waters of Marine fish are wide, and the nutrients ingested from the water are also more, so Marine fish are more delicious than freshwater fish, especially fresh Marine fish, and there is no smell. Today I'll have two dishes of steamed sea fish -- yellow sole and pollock. This is the yellow covered flounder, the surface of the body has very fine scales, the body of the fish is white side down, slightly golden along the edges. Yellow sole meat Q elastic firm, fresh and tender and fat but not greasy, its rich meat mouth tight, delicate and full, steamed, fried can be. This is a fillet of pollock, which has been treated to a boneless, spiny flesh that is firm and smooth. The fish is suitable for all kinds of cooking, on its own or with other ingredients. The positive taste. The required seasoning is also very simple, with umami sauce or steamed fish soy sauce and a little chopped chives. If you like spicy food, you can use spicy soy sauce or a few drops of chili oil. As for whether to pour hot oil after starting the pan, it is up to you. Personally, I prefer not to pour hot oil to reduce oil intake."

Food ingredient

1 flounder


Amount of oil


Salt content


Appropriate amount of onion, ginger and garlic


Proper amount of cooking wine


Ingredients ready: 1 flounder, 8 pollock, naturally thawed; 1 shallot, umami sauce or steamed fish soy sauce


The small fish scales on both sides of the body of the sole should be scraped off with scissors, washed, and cut twice on the surface to facilitate ripening and flavor; Place in a fish dish;


The steam box is electrified, the sole and pollock are sent into the steam box, 110 degrees; 1 minute after the timing, steaming 8 minutes can be out of the steaming box; If you use an ordinary steamer, heat it up and then put it in the pot, steam for 8 minutes;


When steaming fish, chop shallot leaves and set aside;


Drizzle a little umami juice on the sole. The steamed fish soup does not fall off. It is not fishy, but also has nutrients in it.


Sprinkle with green onion