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The round moon is like a moon cake, hanging high in the sky write one of these. urgent

2018-03-23 08:00:06

1, the curved moon like a sickle, hanging high in the sky. The curved moon is like a boat, hanging high in the sky. The round sun is like a red lantern, hanging high in the sky. The round sun is like a golden oil cake, hanging high in the sky. White clouds like a small sheep, high in the sky. Notes for the expansion of data imitation writing figurative sentences: 1, when using metaphors, we must first clarify what characteristics we want to express the ontology, and then actively carry out association and imagination according to this characteristic, and find a thing similar to the ontology but completely different. 2. The sentence pattern requirements of imitation writing sentences are implied in the reference sentences, and the characteristics of the reference sentences should be carefully analyzed before imitation writing, including the sentence pattern characteristics and structural characteristics of the reference sentences, especially the relationship between clauses.