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The secret to a longer life for St. Bernards

2018-03-15 11:12:00

St. Bernard nature friendly, calm, lively, like to be with children, suitable for children's company, very tolerant of children; The attitude towards strangers is relatively kind, and the attitude towards other small animals is also very good, if the family has other small animals besides dogs, St. Bernard can live well together.


Living environment


Go for a walk




1. [Living Environment]


After entering the old age, the St. Bernard dog's waist and legs will become weak, and the ground with a drop should be placed on the pedal, and the room in which the St. Bernard dog enters and leaves can also be covered with a non-slip mat to minimize the possibility of injury to the dog. Dogs with decreased vision, because they have been used to the home environment, suddenly change will be very unaccustomed. Therefore, try not to move the furniture, but also maintain a comfortable temperature in the room.


2. 【 Home alone 】


The older a Saint Bernard gets, the more lonely he gets. As dogs get older, they tend to be more anxious than they were when they were younger if they need to stay home alone for long periods of time. Dogs in their later years, if the time alone at home for too long, prone to danger. The owner tries to spend as much time as possible with the dog, which is the most comfort for the elderly dog. Of course, in fact, dogs have always needed your care for them, and you should always be full of care and love for dogs.


Third, [walking is a magic weapon] In order to health, not at any time the dog should have the right amount of exercise, and the elderly dog should exercise, but should ensure that it does not increase the burden on the heart and the weakening waist and legs, walking is the best way to exercise. Walk shorter distances than before. Slow down, find that the dog has fatigue phenomenon, it is necessary to rest. If the dog does not want to walk, the owner should not be forced to play in the room or in the yard for a while.

Matters needing attention

【 Knowledge of sleep 】


Not people or dogs, "sleep" is the best way to eliminate fatigue. Let the dog receive frequent command signals, so that its emotional activity, such as eating a simple command to drink water or sit down, can make the dog's mind accept the command signal and activate its brain, thereby improving its sleep quality. However, this method does not work for some old dogs, so the old dog can also accept more external stimulation through moderate exercise, and finally achieve the purpose of sleep.