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The selection method of adult education

2018-03-04 22:24:00

Out of society, education is very important. Although I often hear that he has real skills, he is not afraid to go through the world. Sometimes you are not qualified to take part in the exam or interview without a diploma. You don't get a chance to show what you've got. There are various ways of adult education in society. This makes us not admitted to university, or once did not go to university to work directly, and now we need to improve our education in the face of various educational methods inevitably do not know how to choose. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction to the various ways of education promotion. For readers who need it as a reference





Use or search on the computer for each provincial education examination authority: the provincial Education Examination authority can see the information you want


If you want to find information about the self-study exam, please go to the provincial Education Examination authority where you want to take the exam and find information about the self-study exam


Find the major you want to take and see what courses you need to take in the major you want to study

Matters needing attention

Remember not to go to the previous schools found in the former they are training institutions, although the same can get a diploma is also legal but the tuition is very expensive