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The southernmost point of Taiwan - Kaohsiung tourism guide

2018-02-15 16:00:00

Have you been to the cape, but have you ever been to the "cape" of Taiwan? The following Xiaobian will take you to visit the so-called southernmost city of Taiwan - Kaohsiung.


To Kaohsiung, the first thing to go is Kaohsiung's famous tourist spot "Cape". It claims to be the southernmost point of Taiwan, but it looks like that on the schematic.


To the seaside, the hand kept pressing the shutter of the camera, many tourists can not help but shout: Fairyland on earth oh!


Tired of visiting the seaside, the nearby rest station is also full of Taiwan's characteristics.


The sea also found a stopped small train, not from the mountains to drive it, ha ha.


I was tired after walking around all day. By car back to Kaohsiung city is already at night, let's take some pictures of Kaohsiung night scene. The personal feeling is similar to ours, which may be cleaner than our city.


The night stay in the brigade is also good, clean, sanitary and comfortable!