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The talent and rune of Horyaso in S6

2018-04-24 16:00:32

The hero Howaso is deeply loved by the players of the Guangxiong League, mainly because he has strong mobility, high explosion, and can play high sustained damage. In the face of remote skill heroes, he can basically take advantage. The well-developed Yasso can easily CARRY teammates. The following Xiaobian will explain the talents and runes of the single wind sword Hoyaso in S6


Game League of Legends

The genius of single Yasso

Ferocity: 12:5 Rage (increases Yasso's attack speed), 1 Feast (restores health to killed units), 5 Bloodsucking Habit (grants Yasso spells and health stealing), 1 Bounty Hunter (grants extra damage by killing heroes)


Fraudulent system: 18:5 Savage (helps Asso repair his sword on the line), 1 Assassin (increases damage from Asso when there are no friends nearby), 5 Merciless (deals extra damage to low health heroes), 1 Dangerous Game (restores Asso's health when killed), 5 Precision (increases Asso's armor penetration and spell penetration with level increase), 1 Thunder Lord's Decree (Third attack or casting ability can deal an area damage)


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The rune of single Yasso

Three advanced attack speed Essences increase Yasso's attack speed, which can increase the casting speed of Q skills and produce more output


Red 9 Advanced Attack Marks that increase Yasso's attack and skill damage


Yellow 9 Advanced Growth Health tokens that increase Yasso's health as he levels up, increasing his ability to survive


Blue 9 Advanced Magic Resistance glyph that increases Yasso's magic resistance and reduces damage from AP skills


The following is an overview of the runes of the single Yasso, a total of 10,455 gold coins, very cheap, but help Yasso greatly improve the damage output in the early stage, but also make his resistance to fight stronger, so that Yasso can balance the development in the early stage, the next is to lead your teammates to victory

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