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The taste of baked fish that you like to eat in life lets the fire Yan fish bring you summary

2018-02-19 16:00:00

Everyone likes the taste is not the same, then, in life like to eat the taste of baked fish today let the fire Yan fish to bring you together to summarize.


Ingredients for grilled fish are prepared normally


Taste: salty and slightly spicy, garlic flavor. Ingredients: 1 grilled fish. Ingredients: peeled garlic 200g, pickled pepper 20g, ginger slices 5g, Pixian bean sauce 30g, salt, vinegar, cooking wine, sugar, pepper 5g each, salad oil 50g, red oil 30g, spring onion oil 20g, fresh soup 500g, secret fish sauce 10g. Method: (1) Put salad oil, red oil and scallion oil in a pot and heat it, fry peeled garlic until golden brown, add ginger slices, bean paste, pickled pepper and stir fry until fragrant, then add fresh soup to cook. (2) Add the remaining seasoning, bring to a boil, and pour over the baked fish. (3) Sprinkle some white sesame seeds and coriander on the baked fish. Comments: Before roasting, pickled with garlic sauce, so that the garlic flavor of the fish into the bone, and then use garlic seeds to supplement the flavor, make the taste more attractive.


Taste: sour fresh slightly spicy, delicious taste. Ingredients: 1 grilled fish. Condiments: salad oil, onion oil 30g each, red oil 20g, tomato paste 30g, ginger slices, garlic slices 10g each, A ingredients (chicken essence, MSG, vinegar 20g each, salt, cooking wine, sugar, secret fish paste 10g each, sesame oil, pepper powder 5g each), fresh soup 500g. Method: (1) Cut tomatoes into 1cm square cubes, add tomato sauce and stir fry until fragrant. (2) Put the pan on the heat, add salad oil, onion oil, red oil, add ginger slices, garlic slices, tomato sauce in step 1, stir-fry until fragrant, add fresh soup to boil, add A ingredients to boil, pour into the fish pot. (3) Sprinkle some white sesame seeds and coriander on the baked fish. Comments: Grilled fish and tomato can be said to be a breakthrough in the new flavor type, especially in the hot season, giving people the impulse of appetite, this taste comes from the color and taste of tomato itself. It is recommended to remove the old vinegar and add freshly squeezed tomato juice for better results.


Taste: spicy and refreshing, fish is tender. Ingredients: 1 roasted carp (about 1250g). Condiment: 80g salad oil, 50g red oil, A ingredients (100g Pixian bean sauce, 30g peppercorns, 50g dried chili pepper segments, 10g fresh peppercorns, ginger slices, garlic slices, and secret fish sauce), B ingredients (salt, cooking wine, vinegar, sugar, pepper, 5g each, MSG, chicken essence, 20g each, sesame oil, peppercorns oil, 10g each), 500g fresh soup, C ingredients (6 g each of Wujiang mustard, peeled peanuts, cooked soybeans, 2 g coriander, 3 g cooked white sesame seeds). Preparation method: (1) Put the pan on the heat, add the salad oil, red oil, when the heat is 50%, stir fry the A ingredient, add the fresh soup, add the B ingredient to taste, bring to the boil and pour into the prepared electric frying pan of grilled fish. (2) Sprinkle C ingredient on the baked fish. Key: Don't burn the peppers, or the fish will be bitter. Comments: The grilled fish is generally baked to eight mature, must be fried when frying the bottom material, boil the fish pot before serving, so that the cooked and fragrant reach the best state, so that the aroma of the fish itself is distributed, Ma and spicy with fresh fragrance, to taste and visual attract customers.


Taste: salty, spicy and delicious. Ingredients: 1 grilled fish. Condiments: 75g salad oil, 30g red oil, A ingredients (80g Pixian bean sauce, 15g dried peppercorns, 25g dried chili pepper segments, 5g ginger and garlic slices each), salt, cooking wine, vinegar, sugar and pepper each 5g, chicken essence and MSG each 20g, secret fish sauce 10g, fresh soup 500g. Preparation method: (1) Put salad oil and red oil in the pot, heat to 50%, stir fry A ingredients, add fresh soup to boil. (2) Bring the remaining seasoning to a boil and pour into the prepared fish pot. (3) Sprinkle some white sesame seeds and coriander on the baked fish. Comments: Spicy pay attention to drunkenness and thick, eat both spicy and aftertaste, red oil cooking and A material frying to kung fu home. Spicy ingredients: cucumber strip 150g, onion block 80g, celery segment 50g 'Head: garlic rice 25g, ginger rice 15g Dried chili 80g, red pepper, onion, onion, celery 30g each, dried peppercorns 20g, Pixian doubanjiang 60g, secret fresh balm 20g, salt 15g, MSG 15g, black bean 10g, chicken essence 10g, sugar 5g, fresh soup 100g, old oil 200g, salad oil 200g. Garnish: 50g sliced green onion, 30g fried peanuts, 20g cilantro. Note: Dry chili and dried peppercorns need to be stir-fried with a little salad oil. Wait until the fried spicy ingredients are poured, and then sprinkle the fried dry chili, peppercorns and embellishment on it.


Ingredients: Cucumber strip 100g, celery joint 50g, onion block 30g. Head: 20g garlic, 10g ginger. Condiments: 30g sliced onion, 150g dried black bean, 20g bean clove, 10g fermented black bean, 15g each of secret fresh perfume paste, MSG, refined salt, 10g chicken essence, 50g fresh soup, 150g homemade chili oil, 200g salad oil. Embellish: red pepper, celery, 30 grams of coriander, large scallion, red pepper, 20 grams of shredded method: clean the pot into the salad, burning to sixty-seven hot, the dry sea pepper into the section, open a small fire slowly fry the sea pepper out of the paste fragrance, filter out that you get paste spicy oil.


Ingredients: Onion section, celery section, cucumber section 25g each head: garlic rice 15g, ginger rice 10g. Condiments: 30g celery, 30g onion, 80g black bean sauce, 10g black bean sauce, 20g wild pepper, 20g bean paste, 15g MSG, refined salt, secret fresh paste, 10g chicken essence, 5g sugar, 250g clear soup, 50g old oil, 200g salad oil. Garnish: 50g sliced green onion, 30g shredded red pepper, 20g cilantro. Note: When baking fish, not only sprinkle chili and cumin noodles, but also sprinkle a little thirteen fragrant powder to create a special flavor.


Pepper flavor ingredients: Potato chips 200g, preserved egg 60g. Head: Garlic 20g, ginger 15g. 150g green pepper, 130g red pepper, 10g wild pepper, 20g bean paste, 10g Maggi fresh and hoisin sauce, 15g salt, MSG, secret fresh balm, chicken essence, 5g vinegar, 250g clear soup, 100g old oil, 200g salad oil. Embellishment: red pepper shreds, large scallions 50 grams each Note: 1, sprinkle five spice powder when baking fish. 2, green pepper section must first burn the skin with open fire, and then chop into pieces. 3, fried potato chips can be spread on the bottom of the plate, the preserved egg is with coriander segments, onion and so on finally put on.


Condiment head: 20g ginger, garlic 30 grams of onion, 20 grams of celery, 20 grams of bean curd, Ashanpo spicy sauce each, 15 grams of chicken essence, salt, Zhu Hou sauce each, 10 grams of MSG, pork rib sauce each, 5 grams of black bean sauce, hoisin sauce, sesame paste each, 3 grams of chicken paste, Luomizang juice each, 5 grams of sesame oil, 50 grams of old oil, 200 grams of clear soup, 200 grams of salad oil. 30 grams each of shredded green onion and red pepper, 50 grams of peanuts, 5 grams of cooked sesame seeds, 10 grams of cumin powder.


Raw materials: salad oil 2500g, lard 1000g, vegetable oil 1000g, butter 500g, dried pepper 750g, red peppercorns 150g, Pixian Douxiang 750g, black bean 100g, beef essence 20g, chicken essence 20g, rock sugar 15g, fermented wine 20g, flower diao wine 150g, onion, ginger, garlic 250g each. Spices: 15g of star anise, 6g of Sanai, 4g of clove, 15g of cinnamon, 10g of cilanth leaves, 20g of seed removed grass, 20g of cumin, 10g of ginger, 20g of hawthorn, 5g of buckthorn, 15g of white buckthorn, 10g of licorice, 8g of pogostemon, 5g of amomum kernel, 10g of orange peel. Method: 1, dry pepper with water boiled into glutinous rice cake pepper, with the machine twisted into antler. 2, salad oil, lard, vegetable oil, butter, onion, ginger, garlic, boil into six oil temperature, onion, ginger, garlic change color, play to remove the slag, when the oil temperature drops to 40% heat, under the glutinous rice cake pepper, a small fire 1-2 hours, the Pixian Douxiang can be fried. 3. Soak the spices in water, soak them until soft, put them in the pot, add Hua Diao wine and stir-fry for about 30 minutes. 4, under the black beans, Sichuan pepper, glutinous rice wine, rock sugar stir-fry about 10 minutes after adding beef flavor, chicken flavor, it is finished. 5, seal, stand for 24 hours can be used.


Note: 1, the firepower can not be too large, can not be fried. 2, can not be fried with iron pot, it is best to use stainless steel pot. 3. When stored, it must be stored in a stainless steel bucket.