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The TP-Link is configured on the wireless router

2018-03-13 16:00:54

This article mainly introduces the wireless router setting method, TP-Link wireless router as an example, other wireless routers are also small differences, can be used for reference!


TP-link wireless router


First of all, before setting up the router, we first connect the router to the Moden modem with a network cable. As shown in the figure, the first is the power interface, the second is the WAN port (the network cable connected to the cat is connected to this interface), and the other interfaces are used to connect the computer network cable. (There are four ports, which means you can connect four computers.)


Enter default router address) in the browser and press Enter to open it. Enter the user name and password, both of which are admin by default. ※ Some routers are, there are other addresses, see the instructions!


Then click on "Setup Wizard" on the left, then click "Next"


Here are four modes for us to choose, because we are using cat dial-up Internet, so choose PPPoE(ADSL virtual dial-up)


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Finally, we enter our desired wireless name here in the SSID, then enter the wireless password (minimum 8 digits), and continue to the next step!


Here, we have completed the setup, click the "restart" button to restart the router can use wireless!

Matters needing attention

If you can not open the setting interface, please set the IP address to the same network segment as the router IP address, the specific setting method please see my other article!


Method of setting IP: