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The United States can send it to China without leaving home, and still pay taxes

2018-02-13 20:48:00

American purchasing agents, overseas students will send gifts to relatives and friends, such as electronic products, cosmetics, luxury goods, etc., do not worry about being taxed! As long as the United States needs to send to China, please check out ~~~~ Duoda is a USPS, FEDEX discount label printing platform, supporting the online creation and printing of the United States, the United States to the international USPS, FEDEX waybill system. It is very convenient to operate online and make an appointment to pick up. Here is mainly to talk about the United States to send packages to China, we all know that the price of the airport post office (GSS) service to China has been very favorable! More people use it. But what you might not know is that the airport post office has recently added its tax-free service, and it's not that expensive! To is to turn,.


Computers, Internet, printers


Credit card


Transfer to the airport post office parcel tax process: your parcel is sent to our DE duty-free state warehouse with the USPS or FEDEX LABEL provided by us, and then transferred to the airport post office label and sent to China; The duration is about 2 weeks, the whole tracking information is universal fast first pound $8 continued weight $4 (< 5 pounds charged at $24) Express first pound $12 continued weight $4 (< 5 pounds charged at $28) +$2 per pound can be packaged tax you can synthesize multiple small packages into a large package sent to the warehouse, Then the warehouse will be sent separately to different recipient addresses (can be reinforced after arriving at the warehouse, do not provide closing and unpacking service) The sum of the weight of small parcels in each large package is more than 5 pounds by 8+4 US dollars (the first weight is $8 and the weight is $4) The sum of the weight of small parcels in each large package is less than 5 pounds by 24 US dollars


Steps to create a profile: First, register and log in to multiple profiles


Then, click on the Airport Post Office menu to start creating an airport Post Office package tax order. Note: ① No characters can appear when creating a ticket! ② Fill in the first five digits of sender's zip code. ③ Sender and recipient address can not exceed 25 characters, address 1 can not be filled in to address 2) After the receipt is created, submit payment, print the receipt (need to recharge oh!)


Finally, make an appointment with USPS, FEDEX staff to pick up the package, you can also deliver it yourself.

Matters needing attention

The weight filled in the LABEL is smaller than the actual weight of the package


Remember to buy insurance and reinforcement for valuable and fragile items