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Things you can't do with a mechanical watch

2018-03-30 04:48:58

Hello, everyone, I will continue to update the knowledge of watches, true and false comparison, disassembly and evaluation so that watch friends enrich themselves with knowledge. Understand the good and bad of a watch, and choose a watch that suits you more intuitively.


Mechanical watch


Everyone is more concerned about such a precious mechanical watch can wear a few years? Wearing a watch is similar to using a car, depending on your degree of love and maintenance. As long as it is properly maintained, it can be exaggerated for how many years, but if you wear it to war, it will be wasted in minutes. The following wrong practices will make the life of the watch greatly reduced, we should avoid in the process of use.


1. Wear a watch to sleep at night when sleeping, the dander on the human body, the fiber stolen goods in the quilt are easy to stick in the case hill, and gradually sneak into the watch inside. Over time, it seriously affects the quality of the watch's mechanical parts and travel time, which is not conducive to the maintenance of the watch. And when the wrist is exposed to the outside of the quilt, the watch is easy to touch the surrounding things, light damage the case, heavy damage parts.


2. Automatic mechanical watch frequent chain up automatic chain watches contain more small parts than manual chain up, it can be constantly on the chain for the watch, so that the spring is often in a semi-loose and semi-tight state, so that the torque output is not much, manual chain up a circle, equal to automatic chain turn a lot of circles, you can imagine how fast the automatic pendulum speed will be. Therefore, frequent winding will accelerate the wear of the gear and reduce the life of the watch. In addition, frequent manual winding may lead to problems in the reversing gear clutch in the automatic winding mechanism, resulting in automatic rotation when manually winding.


3. When wearing a watch strenuous exercise, the external force will be directly attached to the balance wheel, making the "balance wheel a spring" system and escapement turn in advance to shorten the oscillation period. As a result of multiple impacts, you will see that the mechanical watch is too fast. Although today's watches have shock absorbance, most of them just deal with daily life, and wearing a watch during intense exercise will undoubtedly increase the failure rate of the watch.


This page is based on experience


5. Wearing a waterproof table sauna, hot bath waterproof table waterproof coefficient is higher, the prevention is water, rather than water vapor and high temperature. If you wear a waterproof watch to the sauna, take a hot bath, a lot of water steam will enter the inside of the watch, to cool down into water, which is equivalent to the watch water. Then you will have to face the dismantling of this watch, changing parts and other big actions, and even the whole table will be scrapped.


Thanks for watching!