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This SUV is too powerful

2018-03-26 22:24:30

Old off-road drivers don't want to take a Jimney because it's too powerful?


Suzuki Jimni, an elf of the off-road world, can go any road that a city SUV can go, and can go any road that a hard off-road vehicle can go! Its shape and cute front face are affectionately known as "Little G". Its small body and high approach Angle and departure Angle, coupled with non-bearing body, front and rear hard axle, time-sharing four-wheel drive, overall bridge suspension, hydraulic shock absorber and so on these off-road configuration, so that it can play a role in a variety of road conditions! Therefore, it is also known as the "little Wrangler" by the riders. Coupled with its price, it was once popular all over the world, and is the entry artifact for many civilian off-road players!


This information comes from experience


As we all know, the Jimni's body is very small, which gives it a great advantage in passing, so that it can pass flexibly whether it is in the narrow forest path, or the slender cliff. Especially in some of the corners are too narrow, Jiminy can cross! And those huge SUVs might have to back up again to get by. However, this very advantage has also made it a cause for disdain. During one of the team's rainforests, Jimney, who was the lead car at the time, was able to easily cross a crossing axis due to the short distance, but Pajero, who was behind, got stuck in the same spot. Because it is a rainforest, so the road is very narrow, so it caused a dilemma behind the team, which also delayed a lot of time! So, if you run after Jiminy, where he can go, you really don't have to go.


We are familiar with those hard off-road vehicles, they are basically large, heavy body. : Prado, Pajero is about 2100kg, Haval H9 is about 2300kg, Wrangler is about 1990kg. However, the petite Jimni weighs just over a ton, which is not in the same class as those huge hard off-road vehicles, and even if the Jimni is blown up, it will not be too heavy. OK! Then there's the problem! When a Prado goes off-road with Jiminy, Jiminy gets stuck, and the Prado can easily pull the lightweight Jiminy out. But what if the Prado gets stuck? Can Jiminy, with his small head and stature, pull out a Prado that big? I think the Prado is regretting why he went out with Jiminy!


The Jimni's displacement is as small as its body size! The old Jimni uses a 1.3L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 85 HP and a maximum torque of 110N·m. Although the new Jimni uses a new 1.5L self-priming engine, but the maximum horsepower is only 102, the maximum torque is only 130N·m, obviously such data make it on the high speed even a fit can not run! In contrast, those large displacement of hard off-road vehicles, on the high speed are direct cruise, if the small displacement of Jimni follow them to run, perhaps follow follow can not keep up, ensure that those off-road brothers have to wait for it in the service area!


The above three points are the main reasons why the off-road veterans don't want to take Jimney with them. It can be said that the Jimney is such a car with obvious advantages and disadvantages, let people love and hate the off-road elf. However, now you want to play it is not necessarily to play, since Suzuki withdrew from the Chinese market, want to buy Jimni have to pass the way of parallel imports, so that the price is controlled in the hands of the car dealer, originally in Japan equivalent to only 100,000 yuan to start it, came to China, but it has to double the price! Was copied to nearly 300,000, and had to wait in line for a bus! In addition, through parallel imports of Jimni are national five emission standards, its settlement will be more and more difficult.

Matters needing attention

Therefore, today's Jimni is no longer the Jimni of that year, in which it has no cost performance at all, it has completely become a car of feelings. Would you still choose it? Welcome to leave a comment below, let's discuss together!