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Three simple and effective ways to train children's attention

2018-03-12 19:12:46

A lot of kids don't do well in school because they don't pay enough attention. For example: in class, the teacher is lecturing above, and below, the child's thoughts have already flown to the "nine night clouds." What if the child is not paying attention? There are also children who are clearly doing one thing in their hands, and have not yet waited for it to be finished, but suddenly become attracted to other things in the outside world. What can you do to keep your wandering mind focused on one thing? Children do not concentrate, usually manifested in two situations: one is the attention floating, focus on the goal will often shift; The second is absent-minded, often immersed in the white dream and forget the immediate things, the latter is actually not a child who is not focused, but will pay attention to the wrong place. As long as parents and teachers carefully help children correct, so that they will transfer their concerns to the main things, often have good performance and achievements.


Auditory attention training


1, listen to the number method: Let the child listen to a group of numbers, such as 375985, and then immediately report it. The array of daily exercises can be gradually lengthened


2, listen to the number backwards: Read a set of numbers to the child, let the child back out, such as 426, the child back "624". The array grows as the training progresses.


3, paraphrase words: parents read 5 words at will from the book, ask the child to paraphrase; Parents read six words from the book and ask the child to repeat them;


Counting method: Start from 3, and count every 3, such as 3, 6, 9, 12, 15... Count to 300; Start at 300 and count every three to three. You can also choose to start with another number. Not how to count, first write down the time, see how long it takes to count. Then see if the latter times can be faster than the previous one...


Reading training:


Parents and children each take the same book, choose an article for the child to read aloud, parents write down the child read wrong places; Let the child read from the beginning again to see if the reading time can be accelerated and if the mistakes can be reduced


Mental game training:


Buy some intellectual training books, find those exercise observation, attention, memory of the pictures, such as walking a maze, in a lot of pictures to find something, find similarities and differences (with the same to find the same, different to find the same), than the size, length, in the prescribed time to remember the items in a page of the picture, and then close the book for children to report. END

Matters needing attention

It should be noted that in order to let children not feel boring when receiving these training, there can be certain reward and punishment measures, and parents can also be carried out in the way of competition, which can increase the fun of training activities. Parents should set an example by showing concentration, persistence, and patience. Once the child is found to be attentive, it should be encouraged and praised.