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Tianyou Peak scenic spot of Wuyi Mountain tourism strategy

2018-03-17 11:12:00

"It does not face the stream and can do the victory of nine streams, this peak should be the first also." Xu Xiake said is known as the first peak of Wuyi Tianyou peak. Climbing the peak to the top, Wuyi landscape panoramic view, beautiful.


Tianyou Peak elevation is not high, only four hundred meters, but the mountain is extremely steep, the wall stands wan, precipitous and unusual.


Its steep mountain road is no less than eighteen plates. Twists and turns steep, walk on the above step shocking.


The pavilion in the middle of the mountain is the perfect location to enjoy the Wuyi landscape. Overlooking the wind, you can have a panoramic view of the nine curves and eighteen bends.


After reaching the top of the mountain, viewing the sea of clouds and overlooking the distant mountains, it is like traveling in the Heavenly Palace in general, so it is named Tianyou Peak. At the top of the mountain is the site of Song Meiling's ballroom.


Viewing Jiuqu Stream on the Tianyou Peak is another scenery, not in the middle of the painting, but there is a feeling of viewing.