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Tips for beginners on the road.

2018-01-09 11:12:00

Driver's license just got a few days, driving on the road that kind of mood is very excited to say, but after a few days, I found that I am actually driving very good, but the car behind always honk; When waiting for the traffic light to start, the manual gear always seems to be off; When it comes to parking and backing up, there's just no way to do it right, etc. What can we do about some problems like this? Today I will tell you what I finally did.


Driving license


Check the weather before going out, find out what the weather is like, whether it will be windy and rainy, what the visibility is like, and whether you need to do something in advance. If it is possible to encounter rain, snow and other bad weather, as a novice do not go to drive on the road, one road condition is not good, the second line of sight is blocked, so not the former or the latter are easy to cause accidents, and now both exist.


As a novice on the road, we can not be as familiar as the old drivers, familiar to be able to recognize the road while driving, so we must plan a route to avoid traffic accidents such as collisions caused by distraction due to road recognition, and avoid violations due to wrong roads. Of course, you can also choose to do as I do, first open a familiar road to find a feeling.


First around the car to see if there is anything abnormal, check to see whether the tire is normal, check whether the license plate is blocked, if there is a night on the road may have to check whether the lights have normal use of the function, after all, these problems will affect our driving, leading to some unnecessary trouble, so travel remember to check the car condition.


After getting in the car, we must first adjust the seat to fit ourselves. First adjust the Angle of the seat back, of course, the line of sight can not be too low, otherwise hinder the observation, and then step on the brake pedal, the seat or back to the leg bend but not because of bending uncomfortable position.


Adjust the rearview mirror inside the car to observe the body, and then adjust the external rearview mirror to see the scene behind the car, so that the distant ground plane is in the mirror part. Finally, fasten the seat belt, and adjust it if it is too tight or uncomfortable.


Start the car, step on the foot brake, release the hand brake, remember that the hand brake must be pulled in place, otherwise it will cause damage to the brake pads, and then observe the surrounding environment, especially pay attention to the rear situation through the rearview mirror, determine that there is no motor vehicle or non-motor vehicle, open the direction of the turn signal to ring the horn, slowly put the foot brake began to hit the road.


This information comes from experience

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