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Tips for novice drivers on the road

2018-01-09 09:36:00

Now there are more and more cars, and road novices are emerging in an endless stream. Novices will encounter many problems on the road. The following Xiaobian series shares some precautions for novices to drive on the road.


Post qualified internship signs in a timely manner. Now many novices know to post practice signs behind the vehicle, but the signs are posted in a variety of, novice driving, please forgive; Novice turtle speed driving, such a sign is seen to be punished, should be posted with the department designated signs with the words of practice.


Try to follow familiar paths. Novice driving on the road, to take the usual more familiar, do not take unfamiliar roads, otherwise it is easy to get lost or take a long way. Driving on the road, to remember the common buildings, so that you can deepen the memory of the road, will not go wrong. If you go the wrong way, especially if you drive on a road that prohibits U-turns, turns or one-way traffic, it is better to take an extra detour and return to the original road rather than violate traffic rules. It's not worth the fine or the photo.


And take turns in advance. The novice on the road is commonly known as "two knives", meaning that it will suddenly change lanes, suddenly turn, etc., resulting in emergency braking of the rear vehicle, which is prone to traffic accidents. Therefore, beginners must pay attention to the rear of the vehicle when turning and road, judge the distance is good, turn on the turn signal in advance and then change lanes or turn.


Don't forget to look in the rearview mirror. Novice drivers have not developed the habit of looking at the rearview mirror, and it is easy to appear the danger of rubbing when turning and reversing. So novice driving, the first thing to master is to often look at the rearview mirror and then drive, of course, not always look at the rearview mirror, should be in the vehicle lane change, reverse, overtaking, and so on.


Watch traffic signs and react early. Some novices on the road, often do not pay attention to see the distant traffic signs, should have gone straight but ran to the right or left turn lane, and then straight will violate the regulations. Sometimes you don't look at the no-go sign, you run into a one-way street or a bus lane, you will be photographed. Therefore, here Xiaobian suggests that we should take a long-term view and look at various traffic signs in advance to avoid being punished for violations.


Apply the brakes in advance in case of emergency. Novices often do not react to the road, once in an emergency, there are vehicles to plug, encounter accident vehicles, etc., will be scrambling, throttle and brake forget which is which. This is very dangerous, usually must develop a habit, a look ahead of the road is not smooth, it is necessary to collect oil, put the foot off the accelerator to the brake.


Watch out for blind spots. When beginners drive, they often ignore the blind area of vision, which is prone to traffic accidents. When the car behind you is halfway up your body, but there is no car in the rearview mirror, then it is difficult to turn again. This is a blind area, so usually in addition to looking at the rearview mirror, but also through the Windows on both sides of the car carefully observe the surrounding vehicles. In addition, there are blind areas in front and behind the car, and the estimated distance should be increased to avoid collisions.

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