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Tips to prevent ring sticking

2018-03-18 04:48:00

When buying feel the size is right, after a few years of wind and rain baptism found that the fingers become thick, it has been stuck, then how to do? What should we pay attention to when choosing to avoid getting stuck?


The best and most direct way to avoid getting stuck


Before wearing, you can visually compare the size of the diamond ring and then wear it, the more scientific way is to measure the size of your finger ring after you choose the diamond, and then customize the wedding ring, which is both personal and appropriate. The general business will help you measure the size of your finger circle.


I can't get it off. What if it's stuck


When it is found that it is stuck on the finger, do not pull hard, so as to avoid swelling of the finger and more difficult to take off the diamond ring. You can soak your hand in ice water to reduce swelling.


What if the ring is too tight to take off


When the ring is tight and not easy to take off, the action of taking off should lift the ring upward, try to press the gap between the ring and the finger in the direction of the palm, leaving space for the skin on the bone junction above the back of the hand, so that it is easier to take off without scratching the finger!


What if I can't take it off


Use soapy water or peanut oil to lubricate the finger, then rotate the diamond ring a little bit, slowly remove it, do not tug hard. If it is still not possible, you should immediately seek help from the relevant departments, otherwise the finger may suffer from insufficient blood supply for a long time.