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To assist the new routine of the wandering wild area, this is the rhythm of the sky

2018-04-09 11:12:41

Recently, auxiliary equipment has been rising in other positions, and in the European competition, after trying to play wild as auxiliary equipment, Kakao also looks like a decent steal to learn a hand! Without further ado, the dry goods. This is the data of MSF vs G2 team on 1.29, after Kakao used the excavator to educate Trick's mantis in the first game, Trick backhand used the auxiliary type of play - Tsui God, with gorgeous data to pull the analogy to 1:1. Unconvinced, Kakao then took out an aggressive mantis to target, or was defeated by Tsui's nearly perfect data. I have to say, this evil must be believed! As a result, in the February 03 match, Kakao's game style was like this.


LOL, Assist

Assist new routine cases

FNC team directly tied 0-2, easy victory! I don't say anything, I just want to see the Amazing playing wild painting style that was educated by the auxiliary type of playing wild Cui God in the back of the game! Follow up with Kakao, let's also steal a wave of auxiliary game routines!


Give up playing wild props! In studying their wild routine, Xiaobian found that when they played green God wild, they actually gave up two and three wild props! In other words, in addition to the early use of the "hunter's talisman" to obtain experience bonus, the later stage does not need to play wild props. Even after the mid-grid is full, sell the "Hunter's amulet" first!


The order of equipment they choose is: normal going out gear, using the "hunter's talisman" to provide additional experience in the field, so that their previous experience will not lag behind. Killing ring for auxiliary type play wild, KDA extremely high Aion, mixed with 10 layers. Another is the shoes, one of the important attributes of early Aeon playing wild is to move speed, and the opponent to steal time! In the medium term, making "redemption" and "bird shield" is conducive to coordinated combat. When Ion has a big move, the ability of 2V2 and 3V3 is very strong.


Late god dress is generally based on the situation of choice, here is recommended Trick out of the idea, you can learn from, do not copy! It should be noted that Trick's final magic cooldown overflowed by 10%. CD shoes can reduce the cooldown time of summoner skills, which is important for the early stage of playing wild rhythm, but in the later stage, you can consider changing to cloth shoes or mercury shoes.

Group play

Group play is, E's shield to the front row, W grass thrown to their own back row, R big move placed between enemy remote heroes and melee heroes, responsible for anti-damage and play control, Q to see the timing control; Then it's a matter of shielding everyone with bird shields, throwing salvation at the enemy with the most people, the knight's oath and the highest hero link output from your side. Finally, you will be surprised to find that after the group battle, your side is basically full!

Specific play wild ideas

Two sets of wild order ideas are recommended here, one is a conventional conservative type and one is a radical type.


Conventional brush field idea: recommended level is higher, and the enemy's awareness of invasion is strong players. Such a set of brush field sequence can safely and quickly brush their own field.


This brush sequence is the early clearing route used by Trick in competitions. Reverse the three Wolf open, and then the punishment received blue BUFF, to the next F6, red BUFF, stone man one by one layout passive. When he has finished collecting the three wolves, F6 is just ready to accept again, and then perfectly accept the next wild monster in the previous order. At this time, the economy of the body is just about 650, enough to make shoes and killing rings.


Radical anti-wild idea: This brushfield order is reverse blue open, first in the three wolves and blue BUFF layout passive, and then quickly go to the other wild area, cloth a good vision. If the enemy is fast and already hitting the Red BUFF, then take his F6 directly with punishment and return to their own field to collect it; If the enemy is slow, then take his red BUFF directly! This route has certain risks and should be used with caution. But if the other person has no sense of defense, then not invading is simply sorry to him! Key note: Before Ion has R big move, 1V1 combat effectiveness is extremely weak! They are extremely weak! They are extremely weak! After encountering the enemy in the wild area, unless you have teammates to help, it is the best choice to run away directly!

Counterfield idea

Ion is a hero who fits the "square fight wild" idea very well. The emphasis is on the use of discipline, and here we remember the phrase. Under normal circumstances, "their own field does not punish, the enemy field instant punishment!" Because of the passive mechanism of Ion, the punishment can be instantly removed from the wild monster; If you don't need punishment, even if the attack force and law strength are high, you have to wait until the passive completion to send away the wild monster. Like Trick, his punishment is basically kept in the enemy field, and then a wave of enemy wild monsters are turned back in an instant. Let the enemy have nowhere to grow. TIPS: Although Aion can not cause damage to the ordinary wild monster, but the Q skill is effective, you can use the mechanism of two Q, in the wild area to use the wild monster to complete the wall, saving time to move.

Rune talent recommended

This kind of thinking of playing wild Aion, that is, never thought of 1V1 and the enemy just positive, to help teammates win the group battle victory is the king. Since "Courage of the Colossus" has reduced shield value and cooldown, "Blessing of the Windtalker" is more applicable with significantly increased healing and shield bonus. Red mark: Fixed armor *9, yellow mark: Growth health *9, blue carving: Growth Magic resistance *9, purple Essence: move speed bonus *3, here is especially to show that the essence move speed, because whether the ion brush wild, invasion, Gank or grab the rhythm, move speed is an essential attribute. The three Great Essences speed will allow Ion to escape faster when discovered; When brushing the field with the enemy mirror, it is faster and takes the wild monster one step ahead.

Sum up

Primary E and secondary Q. Lord E's Ion is more powerful when playing with his teammates; Q skills are generally used as control, borrow wild monster displacement and other uses. It is also the idea of auxiliary type playing wild to carry on to the end. The auxiliary equipment price is so high, while the official is still thinking about the time, seize the use of it! In addition, remember that do not blindly pursue the pursuit of cost performance and dress, suitable is the best