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Tokyo Odaiba one day tour guide

2018-04-06 09:36:33

Odaiba, located on artificial land in Tokyo Bay, is Tokyo's newest concentration of entertainment venues and is favored by people, especially young people.


In Tokyo


Daiba stand out to see the first of this magnificent building, is the famous Fuji TV, many of our catch-up Japanese dramas are here.


Odaiba's most famous location is undoubtedly Gundam and the Statue of Liberty, Gundam is now changed from Motozu Gundam to a unicorn, and at fixed times can also blow armor. And the vicinity of the Statue of Liberty is full of photographers taking pictures.


You can walk along the promenade, enjoy the sea view, and overlook the Rainbow Bridge.

Matters needing attention

The above is only a part of the attractions of Odaiba, interested can go to see.