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Top 10 details for holding a forest wedding

2018-03-18 19:12:00

Recently, the first president of Facebook, billionaire Sean Parker and singer Alexandra Lena's wedding has attracted much attention, in addition to the huge luxury, big names gathered in attention, there are many details are also controversial, here, Xiaobian share with you about the magic forest wedding of the other ten "amazing details" : 1. The wedding ceremony was held in an ancient redwood forest. 2. The bride's sister's dress is extremely luxurious 3. There are rabbits to pet and cuddle. 4. In the middle of the forest a 20-foot high gate was built to serve as the entrance to the site. 5. Roast Suckling pig for dinner 6. A queen bed with animal fur replaces chairs in the guest lounge. 7. All 364 dresses were created by Oscar costume designer Ngila Dickson(best known for her Lord of the Rings costumes). 8. The backs of all chairs are decorated with pure white fur. 9. Sting, one of the world's most influential entertainers, attended the wedding. 10. The height of the wedding cake is 9 feet.