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Top 10 most luxurious private homes in China

2018-03-15 14:24:12

Recently, the 2013 "Top 10 Super Luxury Homes in China" list jointly compiled by World Entrepreneur, World Real Estate Institute and President magazine was released. In the 2013 Zhongdi top 10 super luxury house list released by the ranking party, 3 were listed respectively; ,,, each has 1 in the list. The average price of each of the top 10 luxury homes in China is 187 million yuan, while the average price of each of the top 10 luxury homes in the world released during the same period is 192.5 million US dollars, and the gap is obvious.

Top 10 most luxurious private homes in China

1, Daishan Mountain, a single set of the highest price 380 million yuan in June 2011, Daishan Mountain low-key opening sale, the first push 20 sets of single-family villas, an area of 800-1400 square meters of two or three floors of single-family mansions, each price of 80 million, rough sale. It is understood that the implementation of the project to make an appointment to see the building, the customer to provide more than 5 million deposit proof, the project employs the world's top designers (including Pei Ming, etc.) each design a villa, each is the only art building. A total of 158 residential art sculptures in 79 buildings are planned for Daishan Mountain. In the North district planning, the first phase of the North district of 20 top luxury homes, product type area of about 800-1400 square meters, ground 2-3 floors, underground 1-2 floors, households are equipped with swimming pools and garden views. At the beginning of the design planning of the North District, each architect was given an open space, and the master designed according to the topography, so that each building in the North District was created by excellent architects and teams.


2, the courtyard on the shore, a single set of the highest price of 300 million yuan, "the courtyard on the shore" is located in the east starting point of the street, located in the Beijing-Hangzhou river, Tongyan Highway and the street line, only 20 minutes can be smoothly direct to the CBD, private 81000 square meters of native river embankment dense forest, natural urban green lung, making the courtyard a real first residence urban pure single-family villa. "Courtyard on Shore" by the Chinese architect Zhang and a number of international architectural design masters at home and abroad jointly written, combined with the value of geographical lines, cultural heritage, return to the Chinese people's thousands of years of courtyard life complex, to create a Chinese courtyard style villa.


3, Tianqin Bay, the highest price of a single set of 230 million yuan is located between the size and size of Meisha, the terrain is a peninsula burst into the sea, facing the misty Dapeng sea view and the mountains of the wutong mountains. Geographical location and unique mountains and seas, for the city's unique rare and out-of-print land. The project is developed in three phases. The first and second phases are 11 low-rise, conjoined desktop high-end holiday apartments and luxury clubs, covering an area of 46,000 square meters and A building area of 13,400 square meters. The apartments are divided into A, B, C and D types, with 69 households in total, and the households have large terraces overlooking the sea, fully reflecting the design concept of "harmony between heaven and man". The first phase is 69 coastal mansions, and the third phase is the top luxury single villa, covering an area of 252,000 square meters and a construction area of 25,300 square meters, a total of 48 independent villas, with an area between 350 and 1,000 square meters. The architectural style is mainly modern and tailored to local conditions. Eclectic, make full use of the natural vegetation of the mountain, integrate the building in the nature and the mountain, create a quiet and elegant realm. After completion, it will become a very representative of the top single villa community.


4, Vanke Villa, a single set of the highest price of 200 million yuan Vanke villa, Vanke's first tens of millions of cities, Britain, pure villa community. The project is located in the core location of "Xicheng International Tourism Business District", and many city-level supporting plans include: The city's three existing golf courses, the Lake Wetland Park, the Taibao wine under construction and the Xicheng State Hotel all confirm the future value of this Xicheng district, and the regional convenient transportation network, the Lushun Middle Road - Huanghe Road - Renmin Road traffic trunk line that runs through the city's cbd, municipal and commercial areas, has become the first golden axis of the east-west pattern. Divide out the new pattern of "rich east and expensive west"; The location advantage occupied by Vanke Villa is destined to be the first residence in the city. Vanke Villa is only planned to have 167 seats, and the community planning of pure villa ensures that the owners are from the same circle, which is the only city-level pure villa community.


5, Mu Wei Blue Cartier villa, a single set of the highest price of 180 million yuan Mu LAN Cartier covers an area of 1400 acres, only planning to build 500 pure single-family villas, of which nearly 50% of the building directly to the lake, the rest of the land will be used to create a public environment, including: 200,000 square meters of water, 500,000 square meters of forest park, 100,000 square meters of orchard, 10 kilometers of forest flower path, as well as six bays, six islands, two sessions, a mini golf course. Blue Cartier diamond team with the concept and beauty from the European culture, all aspects of the project into the luxury and exquisite, extreme and enjoyment of the elements, blue Cartier constantly beyond the self, the team inspected the world's top five-star wine and study the details of the club service, extract the inspiration of respect for service, The top life and the perfect integration of the club, together with the top international team to create China's most high-end project "blue blue Cartier", the first new residential concept "super platinum level club house", the luxurious celebrity life scene in private life.


6, Huazhou Junting, the highest price of a single set of 150 million yuan Huazhou Junting is located in the urban area of 385 Yinliu Road, located in the east suburb of Pudong villa circle plate, the north side of Longdong Avenue. At present, there are a number of high-end villas in this area under development, the overall quality has reached the top level, and the living atmosphere is more mature. There are eastern suburbs national hotel in the plate, which adds a strong cultural accumulation and high-end supporting facilities to the plate. Huazhou Junting, as the top villa real estate in the villa sector in the eastern suburbs, covers an average area of 5 mu per villa, with a single area of 1300-1400 square meters. The project community has a total of 21 single-family villas, divided into 7 styles, each villa's architectural style is very different, showing the classical, atmospheric, graceful style. The villa is dignified and steady, reflecting the original foreign architectural style. The developer employs famous foreign masters for architectural design and interior decoration. The ecological environment in the community is excellent, households enjoy a large garden, swimming pool, massage pool, and each villa is installed indoor elevator, ground source heat pump system, so that owners feel the noble enjoyment of high quality life.


7. Pangu, the highest price of a single set of 150 million yuan Pangu is close to the "Bird's Nest" and the west side of the Water Cube. The overall project consists of office buildings, international apartments, wine and commercial dragon gallery, with a total construction area of 420,000 square meters. In line with the concept of creating a "world-class building that speaks the Chinese language", the developer invited the world famous Chinese architect Mr. Li Zuyuan to personally design. Master Li Zuyuan effectively integrated the 5,000-year Chinese dragon totem with the essence of traditional Chinese culture, with a 192-meter-high office building as the dragon head, three international apartments and a wine extending nearly 700 meters from south to north, making the entire building shaped like a snow-white dragon.


8. Tomson Yipin, the highest price of a single set of 140 million yuan Tomson Yipin is a real estate developed by Tomson Limited, located next to Lujiazui Avenue. Covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters, with a total construction area of more than 115,000 square meters, it is composed of 4 ultra-luxury residences and 1 senior clubhouse, among which the highest floor is 44 floors and the height is 153 meters. On August 3, 2006, after the transaction of Tomson Yiping with a unit price of 130,000 / square meters, it created the highest price of luxury homes in China overnight.


9. Fortune Mansion Yuhe Castle, the highest price of a single set of 82 million yuan Fortune Mansion · Yuhe Castle is a leading product created by Fortune Real Estate for the world's famous families and nobles, with an average size of 1600-1700 square meters, known as the representative of China's top villa. Fortune Mansion · Yuhe Castle north of the natural non-freezing water system Wenyu River, excellent air quality, is a natural oxygen bar living area. In order to ensure a high-quality living environment, the project relies on the original ecology of the Wenyu River wetland, invests heavily in the adjacent river garden, introduces the pure beauty of European natural landscape gardens, and builds an ecological theme park with unique royal charm.


10, the Arc de Triomphe (community network forum), a single set of the highest price of 58 million yuan, the Arc de Triomphe is located in the core of Lujiazui, close to Huang, is by Sun Hung Kai Properties (00018, HK) to create a mansion, the Arc de Triomphe, also known as the Triumph Garden, the launch of luxury apartments and 23 sets of townhouses. In this period, luxury apartments in Buildings 1-6 are launched, and Building 5 and 6 are launched at this stage. No. 5 first floor 2 households, each household 3 steps elevator, room 01 286 square four rooms, two rooms facing south, two rooms facing north, the living room facing south large width, full suite design, above the 5th floor can see a good river view; Room 02 is a 236-square-meter three room with two rooms facing south and one room facing north. Building 6 has smaller units. 01 is 144.56 square two rooms, living room facing south, two bedrooms facing north; Room 02 is 182.18 flat, two rooms facing south, living room is large and wide, facing south, the best apartment type in this building; Room 03 is 136 flat small two rooms, two rooms facing the north, the living room facing the east outer balcony, a small window facing the south, compact apartment, the total price is relatively low, so it is also favored by customers! The last batch of the community will launch 23 sets of first-line townhouses, three floors on the ground, one floor underground, and private gardens, of course, the price will also start at 100 million.