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2018-03-06 06:24:00

The city is a place with many tourist attractions, in addition to the scenic spots in the city, there are also many scenic spots around to play, the following Xiaobian will give you an inventory of the surrounding tourist attractions.


Proper clothing


Take an umbrella


Is the Transformers shooting place, to go to the car about 2.5 hours, in the morning can play born three bridge, in the afternoon to see the Longshui Gorge seam, Tiankeng, three Bridges, seam and other attractions are very good


Xiannvshan National Forest Park Xiannvshan Farmhouse, the environment is very good, eat food and live in the house is also full of characteristics of the route: bus station - S203 road - Ginkgo Avenue - along S203 7.5 kilometers - to the end


Wansheng Ordovician cliff swing and step by step too exciting adventurous friends highly recommended. The new theme park is very fun, seven high-altitude projects including cloud gallery bridge, cliff swing, high-altitude walk, step by step, extreme leap, high empty bridge, glass suspension bridge have been opened to the public.


Bai Mansion, Refuse Pit, Refuse to learn the ancient town fun on the magnet. Magnetic mouth feel the local customs snacks, Refuse pit understand the national history, learn to understand the past history knowledge or have a different flavor.


Liziba Park, also known as Liziba Anti-Japanese War Site Park, is located next to Liziba Light Rail station. It is the first Anti-Japanese War site park and the first park to display the achievements of historical and cultural protection in the form of a theme park. Red tourism is essential

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